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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


My error m’lord! It shan’t happen again!


He looks like Benedict Cumberbatch in that picture…or would it be that Benedict looks like a young Mr. Rogers?


My dear good users, I have been a downgrading Schmuck. I know I caused @CosmicTruth angst, and I do apologize for this rude, “non commenting why” behaviour. We know each other from elsewhere, and I didn’t want my public comments to hurt that relationship.

I have reached out to @CosmicTruth and @daath and apologized. I also explained my rating to them.
I have gone into each of his recipes and hit that delete button, whether or not I ever put a rating (I don’t know how to tell if I have a rating there), but I know I did for probably his first 3 recipes.
Being a fancy site, hell, it took me 10 minutes just to find the forum and at least another 10 minutes on how to send messages.
No matter. I apologize to all of you reading this.

I’ve asked @CosmicTruth to comment that he and I are all good, or if you should all continue and stick those pitchforks in ever deeper.

Once again, I do apologize for any heartache I’ve caused.


Message received and I accept your apology, no lashings this time but if you want to downgrade a recipe please comment, open a channel of communication so I (or others) can look to see what you did wrong and caused you to not like my fantastic juices :rolling_eyes:


You’re not a Shmuck unless you did it on purpose! As mentioned above it’s easy to just click the darn thing trying to take a look at someone’s reviews and accidentally give them a 1-star. Welcome onboard! This place is all about open honesty, so looks like all is well. BTW that wasn’t a helicopter hovering over your place last night :alien: heh


I can only like your post. If there was a check box for I Respect This I would click that too.


In all honesty, I did click some on purpose, and did explain why to Cosmic earlier. I should have figured out how to do that ‘at time of posting/clicking’.

I have also accidentally gone and accidentally clicked stars accidentally, definitely not all 1 stars, but never really understood how to delete the rating till tonight. Is there any way I can tell if I rated a recipe with any value at all?

I did hear a helicopter, but I thought they were tyring to see through the camo netting, at my medically necessary marij… Although you could be correct as I did have a somewhat out of body experience later in the evening. LOL.


Thank you. I’m really only a nasty person (much worse than Schmuck) first thing in the morning, and before coffee.


Thank you Cosmic, this means the most to me.


Go to your page on the recipe end and click on my ratings, it is all there.


Rate a recipe however you want, until you have to leave a comment when you rate there really is no need to justify, JMO


We were
not there.

You were
just Dreaming.


I rate my own as well. It’s a tool for me. I rate my own by how much I like it, so that when I’m looking to mix I can sort by rating and pick from my favorites vs WIP or less favorite. Would be cool if we had the ability to choose or segregate our favorites on our own page without leaving a public rating.


Yeah, me too. Folders for our recipes would be handy for that, but daath has plenty to do already. The other reason I’ve rated my recipes is so the people who look at them know that I believe them to be good & worthy of their attention. Still, there are those who just can’t cope with that- they think we who rate our own are big-noting ourselves or something …which isn’t true.


that’s what it is!!! I didn’t quite understand the comments about the fave button being to close to the minus button… Because I use a PC and the are using a cell phone or possibly an ipad.


I do the same. I assume most of us do that. I think the idiots that go around giving ones (and they have not profile) are the same people (i believe they are called trolls) that go around and talk trash on forums and the like. I think troll is the perfect name for them.


Who is better to rate your recipe than you!!

I think it is a must to rate your recipe, it shows others what you think of your liquid and they might be more inclined to try it…


I hear ya, Grubby. I don’t wanna sound all self righteous or anything, but in hindsight it just wasn’t a decent thing to do.

So do you all comment on most of the recipes you try, or mainly just the bad ones? Or comment nothing at all on the bad one’s.



I’ll comment and rate if I remember to lol