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Drone without a camera


I can vouch for this and the Mavic Pro 1… both very user friendly. tons of sensors and beginner modes… and intuitive controls and app interface.
The one thing I will say is that the if you are just starting, use the plastic propellers … carbon might lead to some nasty cuts lol.


I’ve had to read the rules intensively. Drones have gotten a bad name due to the miss use of these machines.
My RC club gave me the third degree several times, they not wanting to bring a bad light to their club.
Restricted air space is just that, restricted. All other air space has falls into class A thru G. You can fly RC craft as a hobbyist in A thru G airspace. As long as you follow the guidelines. Calling your local airport or airspace controller to inform them you will be conducting RC flight operations if you’re within the 5 mile radius of that controlled area.
Our RC Club airfield is just outside of the 5 mile marker of local airport. That airport is class G so not "controlled " space. 35 miles north of me is Dover AFB. Where it’s not only controlled space but military controlled space.
Again, it boils down to know the rules & dont be an AHole.


Very convenient!


What I got out of reading the rules, & don’t quote my interpretation please.
FAA makes it clear the they have & are they final word on matters of aerial flight, manned or unmanned. They also reserve the right to enforce those rules as needed.
If they receive complaints, they can at their discretion, drop the hammer on you.