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Easiest/most effective method to shake small e-liquid bottles?


I recommend going to an adult novelty store, and, if I have to elaborate you’re not old enough to be here.


I mix max VG with it with no problem


Also @CallMeTut

$7 Frother via amazon just came today. It’s def the right size, and working well!

My only fear, and this is probably wrong, is that its intensity might dissolve the e-liquids top notes (like what heat steeping does–making the mix taste muted/bland). Do you have any experience with that happening?


I did not see that happening… after frothing I place the nipple back on the bottle (i.e. I don’t do what some people call “breathing”) also prior to vaping I wait at least a few hours to let things settle out (occasionally when frothing the mix became the color of cream due to the amount of mixing I had done), I let the mix clear out prior to vaping.