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Yes please (JF SS)!
And thank you!

@MysticRose @VapeyMama @Silhouette


Yes please! My husband will be excited for this one! Thanks @ecigexpress!


I’d be glad to take one off your hands and bottle test!


For sure @VapeyMama sending you a message now.


sending a message now


I would like to try it.


No problem Mr Pipes! sending a message now :grinning:


i wouldnt mind testing one out if you still have available.


no problem we appreciate the help with feedback greatly!


im always willing to try a strawberry if available still


Of course! send us a message @fidalgo_vapes with your shipping deets and we will get it right out to you!


I would love to try!


Oh oh me to me to!


I would love to test

I have really enjoyed strawberry harvest.


@Cutlass92 @Chrispdx please message us your shipping details when you get a chance!


Alright thank you everyone for your responses we are currently at ten. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


I count 9…sorry I missed it though !


Direct messages :frowning: All the 30mls are now spoken for.
Message us your shipping details though, we have a set of 10ml (Strawberry Sweet and FA Fresh Cream ) which also need feedback in regards to their bottles.


Just edit your post. Click the pencil


Thanks guys, I DEFINITELY did not mean to make my address public! I greatly appreciate your help!!!