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Ecigexpress: Complaints about the website


Yes if I can teamview with you that would be very helpful as it’s the first I’ve heard of such an issue.

What would be the best way to contact you as I’m not seeing a PM option here?


How about ELR’s web irc: https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.p2p-irc.net/#ELR


I can’t help myself from saying this, because it is absolutely hysterical that I took damn near 12 hrs for anyone to show up singing praises to ecigexpress. I haven’t laughed that good in a long time. We are FULL of coincidences aren’t we?

That being said, I only came by to see if anyone had any useful information to share with me. Becasue it’s clear they sure af don’t. None of that garbage has really explained anything. More or less damage control out here scurrying to clean up the mess, only it’s making it worse. I couldn’t care less what more they have been vomiting all over the keyboard. Not one time did anyone attempt to explain why it was JUST their site. Why they are so special that this mysterious cart dumping sporadically, the last time being as I pushed the damn proceed to checkout button. Rather impressively at that because it was the quickest I had ever seen it move.

The only thing they can come up with is how it’s not their fault. IT WAS JUST THEIR SITE. Honestly, I didn’t even know they would show up here. I only put this up because I sat for 4 damn days fighting this site, and I was on 4 total, side by f’ing side and felt I had enough experience comparing to other sites to accurately review it so maybe I could save another poor soul the mind-numbing frustration. Dear God I wish I had read my post before I went there.
I had set my expectations much too high because I was excited that perhaps some answers would be provided when Mr Webmaster showed up. The absolute perfect platform for you to explain to all the people who have a similar shared experience, because for every one person who saw it and actually chimes in, how many are there that are quietly lurking around? Who knows? Instead, he only offered up why it isn’t theit fault, it was MY Internet is crappy, apparently I have a cookie jar overflowing with cookies, I have corrupt cookies in MY phone and probably some other garbage I don’t care to remeber. Bottom line, not once did he offer up why it’s Only. Their. MFing. Site. I can’t deal with anyone who can’t put their big girl panties on and say yeah, I f’ed up, maybe it’s this or that, and that would be why it happens on my site and not the others. Just stand there and point fingers ato everyone else like a 3 yr old saying, " I didn’t do it!" I deal with that crap all day long. Not to mention, not one single statement regarding why the hell so many people have tried to let them know about it, and no one has done shit to fix it. I don’t have time for that.

However, I’m always down to learn something new. I thought maybe someone had anything useful to add it to explain why it is just their f’ing site. And, poof! Finally we have people saying how wonderful they are. TWO coincidences in one day!? Yeah, no. GTFOH with that mess. I just assume friends were called to come defend them, because I see a shit storm here. We know this has been an issue for at least a year, as someone mentioned they tried to tell them a year ago and here we are a year later and shit hit the fan. We have that one delusional dude who thinks this is a display of great customer service. Then, we have this dude over here saying it’s still my fault because I should know better and remove the trash that sites leave on my phone, still my fault. And, there’s the other person who admitted to not have read any of the comments, yet totally capable of being able to just spring right on in and give his two cents about what’s going on here. Oh but wait, this is my favorite part, I read someone say something about building a website page isn’t easy. Oh man, really? I can’t do it anymore. I had to stop there. How tf are you going to say that when it’s his fing job?? There are how many MILLIONS of websites up? Seriously, don’t even give me that load of crap.

It still is bugging me that it’s only that site. If anyone cares to explain I would love to know. I don’t give 2 shits what your opinion is of them, I have based my own off of my own experience with them. I don’t want to read any thing they have spewed out, because I can tell you now, I will not believe it, I will debate it and most likely piss someone off because I don’t sugar coat anything for anyone and there are too many soft people out there who can’t handle brutal honesty.


This amount of communication with the customer base is above professional, so an A+ there.


I’m stunned ecigexpress responded this time.

I must give props to Ryan. It’s 3am EST (1am his time?), and he’s logged into my field laptop taking a look at the ecigexpress site and working through some of the issues.


It should have never gone this far to get it. That’s the point. I tried to have this conversation privately with them and they didn’t give 2 shits then.


That should have happened after the first time someone told them. Do we need to hand out trophies for doing your job now?


Big thanks to @core for letting me connect to his laptop. It is definately an Internet Service Provider issue and I am working on a fix. It may take me a day or two to figure out. Part of the issue I was able to fix on the fly (the ISP prompting the site for the mobile version rather than the non-mobile version), the other part of the issue how the service provider is rewritting the session data - even after login any move away from the account areas it seems to request a new cookie and tries to restart the session which invalidates the login. Very odd behavior I would have never seen had I not connected through his laptop.

Many thanks core, I will be in touch and update the thread as soon as I have a solution for how to skirt around the ISP behavior there.


Don’t want to get in the middle of this but just incase you didn’t know core doesnt work for ecex he as far as I know has no connection to them other than being kind enough to let Ryan use his laptop via team viewer to see the issues first hand.


Appreciated. Although I don’t understand any of what you said other than someone is having to show him what the issue is, but they aren’t friends. Cool.


I apologize, however this type of issue is not immediately detectable from our side. It is only viewable through the connection that is experiencing the problem. That is why @core’s contribution is so helpful. I was actually able to see the issue first hand and not have to guess at what might be happening from a description.

It is true that no one here (other than @ecigexpress and myself) have any affiliation to ECX (as far as I am aware) and I assure you as difficult as it has been to track this issue over time, this is the first time I’ve been able to see a system that displayed the issue consistant with the report. I will get this fixed as quickly as possible. It’s a very odd issue that is restricted to certain ISPs.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience.


You do realize that’s exactly what doctors do, guess what is wrong based off of a patients description of what is happening, and narrow it down from there with tests? They can’t figure it out on their own, they talk it out with another doctor. See where this is going…yeah.

Look what happens when you actually listen to your customers, problem gets fixed and it took only a few hours to do so once a little effort was applied. Kuddos to you for getting it done.


I think it is time to give the guy some slack man.
He obviously is going all the way and then some in order of amazing customer service and fixing an issue that he couldn’t see from his end and he is also apologizing repeatedly for not having seen and fixed this earlier.

Getting further on his case isn’t helping him out in any way nor does it make you look good either.


I agree but you gotta admit though it is pretty entertaining to read.:smirk:


OK I’ve managed to narrow this issue down a bit and am implimenting the potential fixes in the next hour or so. This is definately relegated to certain ISPs, particularly those who are in certain time zones and it may require a one time cookie clearing for those already experiencing the issue just so we can dump the offending data and grab the fresh data through a new source and bypass the way the ISP is rewriting the request.

I’ve contacted @core so I can try to confirm using a known instance of the problem, but if anyone else is having the issue and would be willing to give it a go in about 1 hour, you’d be my hero.

Thank you very much for your continued patience as I work on a way to get around the ISP rewrite here and the giraffe gifs :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m a bit too cynical in my old age, but I always wonder about brand new profiles/members that only post in one thread to either ask for clones or to have a rant :grin:


To be fair, I am also a new profile and an issue (maybe not the issue) was confirmed. I honestly wish it wasn’t but reality is a fickle mistress :stuck_out_tongue:


After reading several reviews on this thread about your site I thought I would never bother to visit. However, after seeing the way you guys stepped in to handle the issue, trusted an outside source from the community to help you see the errors, I will give you guys a shot.

Excellent customer service shown by you. Approve!


And with you saying that i guess that Original Posters mission is not accomplished.
I get a feeling as @DrChud already been into that OP started an account at ELR just to bash on ECX and discredit them as much as possible.

It kinda failed big time since @Ryan_ecigexpress stepped up showing what customer service really can be.


Thank you guys for your patience and support. I can’t gurantee this potential fix will be the fix but if it is not, I will continue to narrow it down and get it worked out as quickly as I possibly can. In the meantime I hope we can all have a smile and a great day like this little guy