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Ecigexpress: Complaints about the website



Just ordered. I have the following problems as well:

  1. This morning had to reboot my router because I got a third party security warning when I was about to enter the card. (I had a green light in the search bar saying it was secure though, very odd)

  2. I have to clear all cookies “every time” I order from you guys or the site will run so slow it’s essentially like going back to the days of dial up modems.

Otherwise, I love you guys but yeah, your site is slower than a sloth.




I’m not here to impress anyone. Only to reiterate my point that this is ridiculous and inexcusable that it came to this before they did something. As I stated earlier, I know I will end up pissing someone off. Every excuse I saw warranted a snide remark.


Thank you for your order @Maureeenie

Sorry for the troubles you experienced. I will look into this issue as well and get it worked out as quickly as possible. With your order I can see the IP address so will be using that to see if there is anything related to the ISP issue being spoken of in this thread, otherwise will track it down seperately.


Ok Don Quixote, keep on crusading, fight them windmills.
But i can tell you keeping on bashing at them now will only render you a status on ELR that you don’t wanna have.



It’s always been slow for me, maybe it is the ISP but honestly you guys are the only site that loads pages slowly. I have a very high speed internet connection.


It’s too early for this…

Actually, I did accomplish something here. Muster up all your brain cells to realize that what I did here forced them to find the damn issue people have tried telling them about for the past year.

This may come as a surprise to you all, but, I would rather see that happen than keep people from going there. Although I doubt I ever will go back. Excellent customer service is not being backed into a corner because you have been blasted for your shortcomings. I have said several times I tried to speak with them personally and they didn’t give a shit then, but they do once it’s here. Of course they all flocked over here to address it. But, it got done.



I always order from ECX. Once in a while Wizard Labs. (shipping too high) I like Nicotine River and order from them too but they don’t have all the flavors ECX has and I love ECX for the choices you get in shipping options. I love the “our choice of carrier” option.

Edit: Don’t anyone get me wrong - ECX is always my first choice.


Banned from a site I don’t use? Because I truthfully spoke of my experience with a business that a lot of people here may or might use? Resulting in them fixing the issue.

I’m terrified.


You are supposed to tell us when things aren’t right and the vendors DO want to know. You’re fine.


I know I piss a lot of people off. I can’t help that. I’m a little more colorful with my wording than most so it’s more interesting to read. Then there’s the people who take it way too seriously. Life iso too short for that shit.


You’re fine. It’s Friday go have a beer!


ecig banned you?


I will say this. I know this is not directly your fault. I’m pretty sure the kid I spoke to on the site was too lazy to be bothered with relaying half the messages to you about the site issues. I am pretty sure you are a good guy and you did work your ass off to find the issue. Absolutely deserve a high five for that. Please don’t take my comments personally, you were here representing the company, unfortunately. I think everyone knows damn well, this was an issue for way too long and no single person is to blame for that. After seeing how many other people have tried to tell them the site is crap and nothing done, or at least that we could tell, I have little sympathy for any excuse offered. Honestly, I didn’t read very much of what you said to begin with because I knew I would not be able to control myself. I would have been way worse if I had. As I stated before, there are too many softies out there to handle me. I will eventually go back and see what you said now that this is over and I won’t have the urge to talk shit.

I have absolutely no issue giving credit where credit is do, and you did step it up and found a solution. Even with my sarcasm and brutal honesty. For that alone, you deserve a raise.


I have no idea. This is all I do know about it. I used the live chat to tell them their site was riduculously slow and frustrating to use. My tablet couldn’t get onto the site at all after that. My phone could and friends could, just not the tablet I used to chat with them. Then, mysteriously after I posted this, my tablet could.


Take it for what you want. Your profile was new once. I wouldn’t classify this as a rant, those are useless bitchings. I gave a review of a business, something I never do. I gave them a chance by contacting them first, most people skip this vital step in giving a bad review. End result, they have redeemed themselves. I say that’s a win for everyone. But, that’s just my opinion.


It’s all good!


Thanks, we’ll see though. I have a weakness for people who get offended by me because I refuse to sugar coat it for them. I have already contained myself enough with the main point of this post.


Just looking back a the last few posts and I can see exactly why you didn’t get anywhere with their customer service.


Lol ok. I know when its completely inappropriate to let my colors shine. But, think what you want. I don’t care.

If you knew what you are talking about you would realize I’m savage today, not last night when the issue was actually being handled.