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Ecigexpress: Complaints about the website


i see some store credit or a nice gift pack coming your way @core :wink: lol


Hi Ryan! Thank you for the Thank ya’s, happy to have helped!


Update on prior update: We have resolved the issue (at least in so far as we can test it with @core’s connection.

I would ask that IF you have had a problem with the cart dumping your content or difficulty logging in at any point in the past that you please clear your cookies one last time so we can make sure you have the most up to date data possible.

If at any point you have your cart dumped on you again (I don’t foresee it happening but as I said we can’t reproduce it on our end), please please contact me directly either by tagging me here or having customer service pass me a note on how I can best reach you and I will personally take a look at the internet service provider you are dealing with and get it fixed asap.

Finally, and just as importantly:
This fix may help slighty if your ISP was slow loading due to the above issue, but please be aware I am continuing on with our planned improvements that were already in the works and we will get ecigexpress.com sped up for everyone.

Currently I am showing we are loading 2-5 seconds faster than most of the other competing sites in our category, but as this issue shows, that may be dependant upon your connection and service provider, but I will strive to get us loading as quickly as possible for everyone everywhere.

Again, I thank you all for your feedback, assistance and patience during this debocle. I must now be off to reward @core for his time and generocity!


Well done - it is never easy finding an issue that you cannot see on your end.


Indeed. It’s a bit like trying to find a red razor blade in a stack of razor blades :stuck_out_tongue:
(Disturbing comparison, I know)


You got my order here fast! Thanks!!! Yay!


I’m jelly. My order hasn’t been picked up yet


Glad to see yall finally got the site working right now, I just tested it and indeed its loading pages and browsing fast. I had bad experience related to same above issues around 2 years ago, I finally just stopped using site, (very minimal). Ecigexpress is a great site and has wide varity of flavors and supplies, am very excited to see this problem resolved.


Good job on the response
Usually when a good vendor is made aware results happen


Recipe site is totally hosed right now. Actually for the past several days.

It likes a bot attack of some kind. Several posts by the same user in under a minute and it continues like this forever by different random users.


You are in the wrong thread. This one is for ecigexpress not ELR.


Even being more expensive per mil, I would love this option if it wasn’t Ecig Express. I can’t even get on their site and on the rare occasion I can, clicking to a new page will load forever or just dump me into “Web page cannot be reached.”


Try it now, they’ve improved the speed of their website over the last couple (few?–until two days ago it’s been awhile since I last visited) weeks. It’s much faster and I don’t get “Web page cannot be reached” anymore like I used to. But now I’m getting other problems and I’m not sure if it’s related to them or me–I’m guessing it’s related to me since I see no one else complaining about it. But every time I go there it freezes for about 10 seconds every page load and then tells me Shockwave Flash has crashed. Once I click “Stop Plugin” I can browse the page, but as soon as I load the page again or load another page I get the same thing. Like I said, not sure if it’s just me or if others are experiencing it, so it might be worth giving them a shot to see.


I did, just to be sure right before I replied. The snide response I got from customer service is that it’s a problem with my computer and “no one else is having this problem”. I cleared my cookies, tried different browsers and even different devices. I told them that yes quite a few people were having this problem and it’s like this from all of my devices and they never replied. Obviously, I’m not the only one to have issues with them. I know they’re a verified vendor here but they don’t really seem to care if a few of the peasants can’t get on their site.


Up until recently that is definitely not true and if it’s you as well as me, it’s still probably not true. Between your problems, my problems, and their history of problems on their website it honestly sounds like perhaps @ecigexpress should get a professional web developer to fix their website issues.


It’s a shame because obviously a lot of people are having a good experience. The feeling I got from them, both here in the complaint topic and through their e-mail customer service is that it’s my problem, not theirs.


Thats not the case at all. We apologize for the experience and I will definitely relay this feedback to the CSR department.
We enjoy being apart of the DIY community and we definitely do not t think of anyone as peasants.
If you have any issues you can also contact us via message here as well and we will be more than happy to assist. If its a web tech question that I personally cant answer, @Ryan_ecigexpress can help as well.


Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the site.

This is occuring now? Could you tell me what internet service you are using? I’ve checked this on evry browser and device type available and definatey not seeing this issue, but I’d definately like to resolve it if possible and it may be an ISP issue.

Also if possible I’d like to see this in action via Teamviewer if you wouldn’t mind? Obviously if we were seeing this issue on our end we would have resolved it already, but this is the first time I’ve heard of anyone getting a “Web page can’t be reached” error.

If anyone is having this error, it is possible that they are getting flagged as suspicious behavior by site security (for example, if you, your browser or ISP are constantly reloading the page or jumping pages at a high volume, it’ll look like a denial of service attack).

If I can get your IP address, I can check that as well. Feel free to private message me that info and I will check it asap.


Our current speed testing from several different ISPs all fall in line with the following load times, but obviously load times will depend on your internet service provider’s actual speed.


@kungfoogorilla the only flash on our site is Norton Security, but To answer your question, yes the “Shockwave Flash has crashed” is an issue with the addon or app in your browser, not the site itself. The best way to fix that error is to make sure you have the most up to date version, especially if you are using the Chrome browser. According to Adobe, there was a known bug in older versions of Chrome which “significantly impacted Flash performance” (their words) and caused it to crash repeatedly. This has been fixed in the most recent version of Chrome.

One other potential cause is out-of-date drivers, especially graphics card drivers as that will also cause flash to crash if it’s in conflict with the flash plugin