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Ecigexpress: Complaints about the website


I don’t want to seem rude, and I love ecig express and appreciate customer service. But this is the Real flavors thread. Could you possibly take the rest of this to the ecig express thread or your other thread…

I would say the same thing to Real Flavors if this was was happening on your thread about another vendor.


I’d love to take it private :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks MysticRose. Sorry about that.


I’m sorry @ecigexpress and @Ryan_ecigexpress, I’ve been through all of this last year and don’t have the time to go through it all again. Recently I’ve installed a new browser through Avast on one of my devices so I did do a check with this, and with this I can get to your site but it’s still slow and a few of the links don’t work. I’m not getting malware and certificate alerts like I used to so that’s an improvement. Back when my initial headaches began you guys said pretty much the same thing, all your tests were fine so it was just me or my ISP or something basically meaning it’s not a problem on your site.

Back then I asked a friend with a different ISP and loads of computer knowledge if he had any ideas. He has ways of testing every OS and every browser because he does this kind of work. He was having varying levels of the same kinds of problems. The bottom line is, I don’t have any such problem on any other site, only yours and I’m not the only one so it’s not just my problem. I appreciate your response. There has been a bit of improvement so maybe in the future I’ll try again but it won’t be very soon.


Sorry I must have been typing as you posted this and I agree but they are carrying RF now so it kind of applies a little bit.


I’d like to respect @MysticRose’s request here, but obviously it’s an issue I’d like to correct though I honstly can’t do anything about “back then” and can only apologize for any problems you used to have and invite anyone with any problems whatsoever to go to the other thread MysticRose linked to and I will work on them asap. With that, let’s please allow this thread to go back to Real Flavor Tasting Notes since site performance (whether it is one person or a thousand) is not related to tasting notes of a flavor brand.

Hope that didn’t sound rude, I worked on the wording for 10 minutes :flushed:


I think it would be really great to have sub-category where members can interact with vendors for comments, complaints, assistance and/or praise… kinda like a centralized location for vendors and consumers. The vendors help and comments are all over the place here and I do see some repetition about certain issues.

This could be very helpful for individuals that’s looking to do business with only good vendors that support the community. It could be profitable to vendors, but it can be very helpful for the community to see how certain vendors really help the community.

I’ve been in conversations about how ELR can better interact with vendors for more exposure and maybe marketing some of our one shot mixes like other forums and diy site do.


Thanks @JoJo !

The only reason I’m still commenting on this is because some people are still having trouble. As a disclaimer I want to say, it deserves respect that the guys from EcigX are here to try and address this. Also, a lot of people are having a really good experience with their site so I’m not trying to bash them, my only hope is to help them see the flaw in the logic they continue to apply to this situation.

Initially in July of 2016 I dealt with someone through email who ran me through a bunch of hoops trying this and that only to tell me that no one else was having this problem and it must be my ISP. This person was snide and dismissive. Maybe they were just as frustrated as I was by that point but it caused me to write off the company completely. When they started carrying 10 mils of RF SC I tried again to reach the site which I’ve outlined in the above replies. It doesn’t work.

Although @ecigexpress and @Ryan_ecigexpress have replied with a more apologetic and respectful demeanor here, their answer is exactly the same as last year and to me, that’s unacceptable. I’m using one of the major ISPs for my region and I’m not using any exotic plug ins or browsers. It’s not the customer’s or the IPS’s responsibility to navigate around the quirks in your site. It definitely is a quirk in your site because everyone else who has reported these problems to you has told you that your site is the only one to give us these problems. Maybe you’re just phrasing the issue in an ineffective way? Maybe instead of telling us it’s our ISP you could explain that your site has a glitch that prevents it from loading with some IPSs? I don’t know but blaming the customer’s cookies or their ISP is just wrong.

I really do wish you guys all the best in solving this. I spent a few hours on it last summer and probably close to an hour all combined explaining all of this to you again last night so I’ve done all I’m willing to. No hard feelings I hope. Cheers!


@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit all due respect, but I didn’t say it is your ISP. I said it may be one of several possibilities given the initial error “Web page cannot be reached.” Given that you’ve now said you can reach the site and that is no longer the error you are receiving, I don’t even know what quirk is occuring with navigating the site given that your Avast browser can indeed access the site.

I gurantee I could fix the issue if I were able to see what you are experiencing or have you describe what is occuring today (rather than what was occuring a year ago when you talked to a customer service person). Also when hundreds of people can access a website and one or two can not, the most likely answer is that the cause is local (ie ISP, browser or other behavior that looks suspicious to the server’s security suite).

As I said, if you would like me to resolve it, I would be more than happy to do so, as I did with the error that @core was reporting (which was indeed a mobile ISP translation error) but it’s almost impossible to fix something when someone actually doen’t want you to take the steps necessary to fix it.

Again, I apologize for the error you recieved a year ago but if anyone at all is having this error, I’d love to actually fix it for you, and am willing to personally compensate you for the time it takes to diagnose the cause of the error, via Teamviewer if possible.


As an IT Engineer myself, I can say that it’s nearly impossible to fix these types of issues without us seeing it first hand. We need to see it, and we need to replicate it several times while we’re fixing the problem. It takes some time to do.

I gave Ryan access to a laptop on the T-mobile network that was having issues accessing the site. He spent a few days on examining it and pinpointing the problem. He did repair it.

Ryan definitely cares and wants to resolve issues. Give him a shot~


Every time I have ordered from them I have had no complaints and no mess-ups with orders or delivery.
The only complaint I may have would be that several flavors that I use relatively often were not available anymore in 30ml size, which means I have to either order more than I need.
But overall, I have been happy with the site.


That’s my complaint as well.


I was just on the site after not being on for awhile and I had no problems navigating it this time. In fact it seemed a bit faster moving from page to page. It used to be VERY frustrating.


@Lostmarbles glad to hear it is working better for you. We did quite a lot of work on speed improvements, but we are definately not stopping there. We are continuing to make changes, and have a few new things coming in the next week or two that will make browsing large categories quite a bit easier than it is currently given that we have hundreds of flavors in some categories that is a bit unweildy . Hopefully these new changes will also improve your experience with the site.


Yes, navigation and speed has been hugely improved for me as well, every since core and Ryan did the team viewer share and they worked their magic months ago. It resolved all of my problems I had been experiencing previously, and it’s been fine ever since. But the 1 year previous to that…grrr. I had given up as well, it was wayyyy to frustrating and time consuming.

I am very thankful to both core and Ryan for whatever they did!


It’s still ungodly slow after all these months. I switched to BCV because the load times on ECX are ridiculously slow.


So, apparently they made “massive upgrades” to the site overnight last night. Anyone see it yet? I hope its a whole new system. Anyway, i cant see the site yet. Ive been getting this message for the past, uhh, 3 and half hours:

We’ve performed massive upgrades to ecigexpress.com to improve speed and shopping experience. If you are still seeing this message, please wait for your local ISP to collect our new server location. This will happen automatically.


Still nothing


Every Friday ECX is running a special, just wait till tomorrow, pretty sure it’ll be up by then . hopefully much more user friendly :wink:


Finally!!! I hope it’s faster but at the moment, all I’m seeing this:


Their site cert obviously hasn’t propagated yet (or has an issue). Regardless, I wouldn’t worry too much about it since you know they’ve just made changes. (if it persists in say a week or two from now, then I’d bring it to their attention.)

For now though, just edit the “s” out of the http:// section, and you shouldn’t get the issue anymore