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Ecigexpress: Complaints about the website


Thanks for that, but still now working even with the ‘s’ removed. I guess it’s better that way cause I loaded up during the Memorial Day Holiday


Yeah its working now. Slow, but like @Sprkslfly said, give it a week or 2. Looks current now though, so thats promising


Assuming you meant ‘not’ (in place of now)…
But yeah, unless you set your browser to clear the cache when you close it… You may need to do it manually (clearing the cache that is) before you try it without the ‘s’.

Either way, glad you got the deals you needed during the sales! I’m similar though. Constantly browsing through flavors (on various sites) even when broke. chuckles


Greetings everyone!


Yes the site is down for the moment, this is due the activation of our upgraded website. Shouldn’t be too much longer but we will definitely keep you posted with updates.
When complete we will have a faster website multiple new features.
We appreciate your patience at this time.


The new site was up for me earlier but has been gone since then for most of the day.


Its up now, for me. Cool.

Its the old version of the site though.


Hi again guys! We ran into some issues yesterday while upgrading the site. :sweat:
We are still working diligently to bring you a site that improves the user experience, but for now we reverted to the old site while we address some issues.
We will definitely keep everybody posted.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


@ecigexpress Thanks for the updates, and keeping us in the loop.