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EcigExpress: Deals and Flavor News!


I placed my order a few hours ago, and already got a shipping confirmation.

Wow, now that’s what I call great service! F***ing awesome!!!

Thank you & have a great holiday.


Happy holiday guys.


Nuts with cream! Thanks


Howdy Guys looking for some feedback:) What is a flavor from a brand that we don’t carry that you consider a must have for your DIY mixing station?


I would have to vote for the following:

Natures Flavors
Wonder Flavours
Euro Flavors


bakers flavors and vape train


Medicine Flower Vanilla


Dark chocolate mf.


although i havent tried them and probably wont for a long time it seem wonder flavors is pretty popular it may be a good idea to look into that line


I’d say, strictly adhering to the ‘rules’, what I’d like to see most is Holy Vanilla.

Though I really wish you’d reconsider carrying MF Dark Chocolate and butterscotch again…


did i mention Flavorah


(DFS) Holy Vanilla, repackaged and sold at a reasonable price.
(OOO) cream (milky undertone)
(OOO) marshmallow
(OOO) vanilla strawberry honey
(LB) lavacake
(LB) vanilla ice cream

You know just add all OOO’s flavors except cereal and fruits.

Add Molin Berry Flavors, and please fix your webpage. Its a nightmare to navigate, especially the search function. I would consider placing more orders if that homepage wouldn’t be such pain in the ass, till then I rather place my orders with NR or/and BCF


^^^^^^^ That!!!

Tried to shop quite a few times over the last 2 years, but the frustration and wasted time to get anywhere on the site just isn’t worth it.They did some work on it about a year ago, but it never improved :frowning: Makes me sad too, as they are in my state and I like to support local businesses.


Here,Here, it is a pain in the butt, and sssslllllloooooooowwwwwww


See, if @MysticRose said it, you know it’s true, cause she is true, so please take notice, your sales will Quad to Jedi space !!!


I agree. Slow. But at least shipping is consistently fast, orders are complete (at least 99% of the time) and when I experienced an issue it was fix no questions asked…really…I states there was an issue and the second I tried to state my case the rep cut me off and said they would take care of it. No fuss…just done.

To that end imo they hit 9 out of 10 key points and I deal with a slow website. I will still submit orders when ecx has the flavors I want in order to hit free shipping.


a word real quick about the website. I know that you have heard that we are “working on it it” for quite sometime, but you will be pleased to know that we are actually in the final testing stages of our newer faster website in tandem with addressing things like site speed, navigation, search functionality and user experience.
In addition we are updating all of our content as well.
We weren’t planning on announcing this outright as we rather get it done and welcome you to the new site upon completion. (new bottles too!!)
But yes, we can confidently tell you we are making significant progress on those fronts!
We will most likely have some celebratory shenanigans as well!

As far as the flavors, for those who haven’t can we get specific flavors within those brands as well?
Sorry to bug you all about this. We promise it will be worth it lol.


Ah, sorry did not realize you wanted acutal flavors…

Here are some good ones I’ve had or would like to try:

Nature’s Flavors
-Organic Danish Pastry Flavor Extract
-Organic Ginger Flavor Extract
-Organic Malt Flavor Extract

Wonder Flavors
-Buttercream Frosting SC
-Deep Fried Pastry Dough SC
-Nanaimo Bar SC
-Caramel Rice Crispy Treats
-Cinnamon Pastry
-Butter Pecan Pie
-Butterscotch Cream Pie
-Hazelnuts & Cream
-Tahitian Vanilla Cream
-Chocolate Chunks
-Honey Roasted Peanuts SC
-Oats & Cream Cookie SC
-Caramel Butter

Baker’s Flavors
-Vanilla Sponge Cake
-White Peach
-Chocolate Truffle
-Cream Charlotte

DIY Flavor Shack
-Holy Vanilla

One On One
-Cream (milky undertone)


Bakers Flavors

^^^^what he said plus

Strawberry Fresh
All the tobaccos (they are all fantistic!)

Oh yea molinberry full line would be a great addition!

Vapetrain full line would be awesome.


you must have one of the biggest and most diverse flavor stashes…