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EcigExpress: Deals and Flavor News!


Thanks! Lol! I’ve tried a lot of flavors that’s for sure. I’ve been trying to slow down on my purchases…it doesn’t seem to work to good though. I’ve got about 30 new flavors i have mixed up and need to test right now. The one drop flavors and vape train. I have about 10 vape train flavors and a few ooo flavors I still need to mix for solo testing. Oh the struggle!


i cant keep up , and see all these companies popping up here and there , then i tell myself , " dude you cant even keep up with the ones you got " lmao so i dont buy , i did recently grab some flavorah and the ODF but for me i wont buy unless i need to refill until i at least catch up withthe 50+ flaves i need to test and replinish my juice stash


Molinberry Glamour Chocolate


I’m so excited to hear that, I will keep my eye out for the new site!

I would love

Bakers Flavors:

Vanilla Sponge Cake
Cream Charlotte

Flavour Art:

Premium Vanilla Custard


Sugar Butter Cookie
Condensed Caramel Milk

Tasty Puff:

Bread Pudding


Yes, We Cheesecake

Natures Flavors:

Vanilla Butter Nut


Oh RLY?!! o0


@MysticRose this list is fabulous. Requesting the Inawera right now for our next order and taking note of all flavors posted in this thread.


Happy Friday Everyone! This week’s sale is on Jungle Flavors! We are re-stocked and ready to go on these fine German Flavors!
Have a excellent weekend and Happy Mixing!


Happy Friday the 13th Mix Family! :zombie::vampire::ghost: This week’s sale is on Flavor West!


Have a SAFE and excellent weekend!



Good Morning Mix Family!
This week’s sale is on FlavourArt!
save 20% with the code in the pic above.

New to our catalogue we have:
White Peach by Flavor West
Yes, we cheesecake by Inawera

Other than that, have a SAFE and excellent weekend.

P.S. we have a new recipe we’ve been playing with and its a little light. any suggestions on a fruit to add?
there is a bit of apricot in there that gives a light citrus taste.


Well, I can see you have the sweet almond part and some dairy… I’d add a custard or cheese element. As for fruit, orange zest and a hint of bright lemon. Maybe some green grape or possibly green apple.


Hmmm apple might work! will try mixing it again with either Stark or Fuji and see what shakes out.


could you please check when Capella Cranberry will be in stock ?? TIA


checking now @fidalgo_vapes!


It is on our next order and will be arriving in about a week good sir.


ok ty ill grab the lorann that you have since @Amy2 suggested it i could at least start working on something, have you tried the we cheesecake INW


We have! It’s actually not to bad! the mix we used it in is still steeping but it definitely has a decent creamy mouthfeel that we will be exploring more in future dessert mixes… when this Pineapple cheesecake is done steeping we will post the recipe and describe the profile we get from it in more detail :grin:


Good Morning and Happy Hump Day Mix family!
Today we are having a Flash Sale !




Good Morning Mix Family! This weekend’s sale is save 20% STOREWIDE with NO EXCLUSIONS!
Nows a great time to stock up!
Have a great weekend and Happy Mixing!


Good morning everyone! just wanted to remind you of our STOREWIDE weekend sale! save 20% on popular items like:
Yes, We Cheesecake by Inawera
and the DIYorDIE collection!

Also we’ve begun adding 120ml sizes to our more popular Signature/TFA flavors!
Don’t see your size in a flavor you love? let us know!
Hope your mixing something amazing!