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EcigExpress: Deals and Flavor News!


Well NR uses FedEx with $50 orders that contain higher nic. Or at least they did the last times I ordered, maybe that’s a better option than USPS, who knows lol


Ok just got done reading exclusions 60mg or less applies FUK ME , hmmmm what to do


60mgml or less



TGIF MixFamily! Our sale this weekend is 15% off of Flavor West with the coupon code above.
Happy Mixing!


Happy Hump Day!


Happy Friday Folks! This weekend save 30% on FlavourArt at ecigExpress!


Have a great weekend and of course Happy Mixing!
P.S. @Dan_the_Man, FE Cheesecake is on the way!



Howdy and Happy Friday Vape Family!
This weekend’s sale is on Flavors Express.
Save 25% with the code in the pic above!
Also we have added the following items to our catalogue this week:

Sweet Cereal Flakes
10ml PET Clear Red Cap Childproof Bottles
30ml PET Clear Red Cap Childproof Bottles

Have a great Father’s Day weekend and Happy Mixing!


Has anyone tried ecigexpress already made ejuice? I’m having problems DIY and need to order some ejuice ASAP. Please let me know if anyone has used their ejuice and if it’s strong in flavor or any flavors you’d recommend.


Hey fidalgo_vapes - you’ve helped me out before so I wanted to ask you personally if you’ve ever bought ejuice from ecigexpress? My DIY isn’t going well and I need some juice DAMNIT!


ive never bought a finished juice from them , but i have made a few of the recipes they have posted so if they are making it themselves id think it would be worth trying


Do you have anyone else you recommend for budget juice? Vapewild and Mt Baker suck!


messaging you privately to recommended something, since I don’t want to use the ecx thread for commercial juice recommendation lol


i dont because i havent bought anything for so long …



Are you hunting for savings on flavors and mixing supplies?
Then check out the ON SALE! category of our website.
We have just added a plethora of products :slight_smile: !
In addition to the reduced prices on items in this category, we are offering an 50% savings with the code: FLAVORHUNTER50
Limited time only while supplies last!
Happy Mixing!

Oh, We know there are a lot of strawberry flavors out there, but our new Flavors Express Fresh Strawberry is an amazing flavor that is definitely worth checking out for your DIY recipes!


Wow! incredible deal!!
Thank you!!

BTW, I spoke with Pattie on the phone about it, but thought it worth mentioning here:

Be careful while adding things to the cart especially if you’re on a mobile browser! While trucking through the site hoping to put a cart together, after about the 4th item, the site started adding 2 items when I only had one selected!
It did this multiple times unfortunately. It may be a browser or OS issue (Android 4.4.2, and latest Chrome)… But something to watch for all the same!

Unfortunately, shipping blew the deal on the 40 15ml bottles I wanted… But still made out like a bandit and a half with the tiny order I put in!!!

Thank you again ECX!


Thank you for the feedback @Sprkslfly we’ve notified our webmaster and he will definitely be taking a look at that today!



Good Morning and Happy Friday Mix Family!
This weekend save 20% on ALL Signature (TFA) with the code in the pic above!

In Addition to that we have added new items and temporarily increased the savings in our On Sale! Category through the weekend as well!


This weeks recipe is a delicious RY4 mix utilizing Jungle Flavors and adding hints of peach and cream.
This recipe was inspired by @Alisa 's DaMomma’s RY4 Delight (That recipe was delicious!!!)
We utilized Jungle here as we wanted a more prominent tobacco note to offset the peach notes.

Lastly, Be on the look out for new flavors and giveaways over the next couple of weeks
Have a SAFE and excellent summer weekend and as always, HAPPY MIXING!


Greetings Mix Family! The 4th of July Weekend-ish is here!
Enjoy 30% Savings STOREWIDE with NO EXCLUSIONS now through Independence Day!
Have a safe and excellent Holiday Weekend and Happy Mixing! :star_struck:

P.S. New FlavourArt flavors should be up by the end of the day!
P.S.S Don’t miss out on our Flavors Express Fresh Strawberry! It’s pretty amazing!


@ecigexpress Hey guys, just wanted to say a huuuuuge THANK YOU for stocking proper 15ml Boston Rounds!!
(SKU# 4-99-0100-00-09-00)

This is the first time, in all of the 15ml bottles I’ve ordered, that I’ve actually received bottles that actually hold 15ml and have room in the neck to properly off-gass!

I’m heartbroken that you guys are discontinuing these, but I talked to Pattie (spelling?) once again, and suggested that if you do replace them (and change vendors) that you PLEASE make sure to get the exact same size bottles! (I’m betting you had 'complaints about the material used for the rubber dropper… Because it’s shiny instead of the normal matte finish :roll_eyes: While it’s obviously too early to tell for me whether that is actually an issue or not, the glass is lovely! Perfect actually!!

I borrowed enough to order 40 more (to get them while I can)!

I hope you continue to carry the equivalent in the future! Thanks again!


I’ll double check with our inventory manager as well to see if there are any as well o Monday!