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EcigExpress: Deals and Flavor News!


Same! (hits gas pedal) 2.5% here we come!!


let us know …


The steep … we are so impatient lol



Happy Friday Flavor Family! we’ve decided to start our Black Friday Sale today!
Save 30% Storewide with the exception of Capella .
use code: BFEMERGES30

Other than that have a great weekend and Happy Mixing!



Happy Black Friday ELR Family! We hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving! As you most likely know, we our having a Black Friday Sale through CyberMonday~

In addition, we are running a giveaway on our FB page (pinned at top of page) where you can win a FULL SET of DIYorDIE One shots, That’s 13 30ml bottles of ready made flavor for quick mixes during the upcoming holidays, so be sure to check that out :slight_smile:

Other than that we hope you’re having a great holiday weekend!
Happy Mixing!



Ahhhh yes, the old CyberMonday is upon us! Last day of our BIG SALE!
Happy Mixing folks!



Happy Friday Flavor Family!
This weekend’s sale is on The Flavor Apprentice!
Save 20% all weekend along when you use the code: APPRENTICE20

Also we have those new Capella flavors in!
Powerful Sour <----- this is a intresting sour in comparison to FW, TFA or Lorann
Tart Cherry
Tangy Orange

Happy Holidays and Happy Mixing!



Good Morning and happy hump day!
Today we are having a flash sale on all unflavored nicotine bases!
use code: NICOTINE30

Also, we made a delicious cranberry beverage recipe we want to share with you!
Check it out and let us know your thoughts or what tweaks you would put on it!


Happy Friday Flavor Family!
This weekend’s sale is on the the staple brand FlavourArt !
Save 30% on all FA flavors when you use the code: FLAVOURART30

Have an excellent weekend everyone!
Happy Mixing!



Howdy Flavor Family! We hope your holidays are going well :christmas_tree::kissing_smiling_eyes::dash::dash:
This week’s sale is on Flavor West!
Save 20% when you use the code: 20FLAVORWEST

Also here is our recipe of the week. we’ve been exploring marzipan, it’s a pretty amazing flavor!

Other than that, Happy Mixing and we hope that you have a wonderful weekend!


Why dont you guys carry their white cake ? I forget the full name … But its a good flave


I’ll put the request in today @fidalgo_vapes !



Good Morning and Happy Holiday Weekend everyone!
This weekend’s sale is on Jungle Flavors and Flavors Express save 25% when you use our code JUNGLEXPRESS25

Our weekly recipe is a festively sweet ry4 flavor profile : RY4 Double Delight!

We hope you have an amazing Christmas! Happy Mixing!


Hey, @ecigexpress, what base/carrier are the FlavorsExpress flavors in? I read they might be Alcohol based, but I may be confused. Thanks!


Baker flavors makes them and they use pg, so I assume that’s the carrier.


Umm, I don’t think those are Baker Flavors. Im pretty sure @Plunderdrum is correct, and they are in alcohol.


It’s actually a PG carrier @Plunderdrum :slight_smile:


Flavors Express is not Baker’s flavors guys :slight_smile:


I think,people are saying that bc someone on VU said bakers flavors made FE for ECX and ship from china …then it is sent to vapimg zone usa … Etc there is a pretty big debate over it , I believe @SmokyBlue was involved in the conversation


ah was half right