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EcigExpress: Deals and Flavor News!


You just want me to buy Cap funnel cake, Jungle biscuit, and some “unknown” custard! :wink:

I see through your plan you evil genius you! :laughing: :wink: (And yes, that was a subtle hint at the need to update your flavor stash with the correct custard. :wink: grins)

Definitely a recipe I’ll have to try though!!!
Thank you for sharing!

Edit: odd… When I adapted it, the custard showed up properly as FA (along with the rest of the proper naming scheme). So unless you just happened to be active at the same time or updated it after sharing maybe… Seems like there might be something I need to look into.


Lol,no in the comments of the recipe some were wondering which custard and we realized we forgot to list that the custard was FA . we corrected that … (although Inawera custard is a pretty good alternative for this particular mix.)


Howdy Mixers! This weekend’s sale is on the The Flavor Apprentice!


In addition, we recently picked up Mango Guava by Flavor West, and released a new one shot from
Express DIY : The Wrangler!

Wayne from DIYORDIE has a excellent new one shot/flavor enhancer called Milkboi that is designed to add a solid dairy foundation to any fruit or cereal recipe.

Last but not least be sure to check out our latest take on Blue Raspberry with our weekly recipe!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Good Morning! Today we are having a flash sale on our nicotine bases. Save 30% when you use the code: NICOTINE30


Have a great day and Happy Mixing!



Howdy Everyone and Happy Friday:) This weekend we are having a sale on FlavourArt!
Save 30% when you use the code FLAVOURART30
In addition we have a new amazing flavor from Jungle Brand: Shisha Strawberry Kiwi!

Have a great weekend and as always Happy Mixing! :hugs:


I have so many JF on my to buy list. , but I have to test some other flaves b4 I pile on more …


Hey there ecigexpress! Just wondering if you have flash sales on flavorah? Thanks!


We got some pretty amazing flavors coming down the pipeline from that line. Just tested samples for about five new flavors that are just amazing.


Hi @scifoc, we currently do not, but I will take this feedback to the team and see if we can make that happen:)


Thank you! Would love to check them out. Decided too late for the new year sale and just waiting for another sale to order some. Thanks!