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It’s … HALLOWEEN! We hope you have some treats mixed up to help you celebrate this spooky weekend!
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(some exclusions apply)

Have a great weekend fellow mixers! lets put those fog machines to work!


Happy Friday fellow mixers! This weekend is a 15% off sale on FlavourArt! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to set your clocks back on Sunday:)

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Hi there everyone! We just wanted to announce that Green Tea by Flavors Express is back by popular demand and now available and at 25% less than normal Flavor Express prices through this weekend.
We mixed the highly rated Green Tea Kit Kat recipe by @exclusivegirl and it is amazing!
Green Tea by Flavors Express


Happy Veteran’s Day mixers! This weekend save 25% on Jungle Brand Flavors!
Have an outstanding weekend!


Hey there Mixers! TGIF! This Weekend! We are having a sale on Northwest VG Flavors here at ecigexpress.
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Have a great Weekend!



Howdy Fellow Mixers! We just wanted to stop in to inform you that we have reduced the price of our popular Lotus Flavors (Medicine Flower) line by 60%! offer good through CyberMonday (November 28th)
Stay tuned for more deals and savings !

Have a most excellent Thanksgiving!

Black Friday Sales 2016
Good deals?

THANK YOU for bringing 5ml options on these, and making it affordable to TRY this brand of flavoring!! (Medicine Flower)

You have my deepest gratitude!

$3.99 for a 5ml is JUST what I’d been asking for for so long that it seemed like I’d never see the day. Seriously, thank you!

Please don’t make it a one-time thing! I think you’re really going to open up a whole new segment here!


exactly i actually justngot done messaging pro_vapes for his thoughts on what is must have or if any are horrible


What did he suggest?
Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon, Wild Raspberry, and Vanilla?


These are my favorite fruits in this order.

Wild Raspberry
Green Apple

this was his reply i could personally tell you strawberry is great he also said the honeydew melon and vanilla are very good actually he said the vanilla is the best btw these suggestion were from pro_vapes not myself


Those are actually the 2 that most tempts me as I love raspberry and haven’t been impressed with any so far, and I use Vanilla in everything. So my most 2 tempting is that wild raspberry and vanilla. But, I think most have said holy vanilla is the holy grail…so whatevs…lol


holy vanilla ??? when i first started diy it was all about caps vanilla custard now you dont hear much about that , other thingsbhave surpassed it , in somes opinion , honestly ive heard FA madagascar is the vanilla to have , i think things go in cycles like clothing when something is popular that becomes the must have then things go back to retro or whatever , i see a lot of people get into diy and end up with hundreds of flaves myself included and i dont use half of them lol i would love to find a rotation of 50 or so flaves that are versatile and never get old i think moving into medicine flower and fa as my two main companies will allow this with a few cant live withouts from the other guys then again it may be an epic fail with a 70pct discount im gonna give it a go


@MysticRose have you tried Ina’s vanilla? That’s my favorite for a straight vanilla (though I’ve not tried FA Madagascar). And being totally honest… I still prefer using some Mexican vanilla, yes the stuff used in cooking, that I’ve had for decades (alcohol based). That stuff is just beyond nummy. =D -I’ve read bits and bobs about using stuff like that, but it’s so potent, that I’m using a miniscule amount, that is be surprised if it matters. (I wish I knew someone in the field, because I’d love to have it mass spec’d though, just to satisfy personal curiosities. Lol)


I think it’s probably more the fact that it’s ‘an accepted standard’ these days. I don’t think it’s fallen out of fashion at all.

As to anything surpassing it… You definitely have my attention! Did I miss something while I was away for a bit? I know that @Ken_O_Where prefers TFA VC (IIRC), and Ina had a recent Custard come out that I’ve seen a few mentions of, but not enough to make any kind of serious impression (on me at least).

Personally, I’m dying to try Ina’s creme brulee. And while I know that RF has a version, sadly, too many of theirs have yet to be “ported over” to extracts. =(
Waiting is hard. /chuckles


If you are referring to INW Vanilla Shisha, then yes, I have tried it. It’s my favorite vanilla of them all. I have tried the FA Madagascar, and it’s very good. But it’s a darker heavier vanilla, so they each have their own niche depending on what you are mixing.

That being said, you HAVE to try RF Premium French Vanilla Extract when he releases it…last I heard it will be in January. I mix it at 1% SF and it’s soooooo good. Gets better the longer it steeps too, although it was fantastic right off.


Sadly I can’t say which Ina line it’s from. Thanks to a certain vendor (not these good people) that doesn’t think it’s important to fully identify their product. :angry:


we were at first talking about medicine flowers vanilla btw what is holy vanilla , and i still need to try inaweras shisha products


Good Morning and Happy ThanksGiving fellow Mixers!
We’ve decided to start our Black Friday sale a bit early!
Save 25% with the code: BLACKFRIDAY25
(Offer excludes Capella, Lorann, TFA, wholesale, and DIYorDIE concentrates.)

And as you may already know we have sale pricing on various items through Cyber Monday!
Check out our deals section! (coupon applies there too!)


tagging @Amy2 ,just to make sure she see’s this!:grin:


You’re Awesome Thank you !!!


While i do have VC (TPA) my goto is VC V1 (CAP). Recently i have gone back and retried some of the others, Custard (FA) and VC (FLV) and have found they that have their place in my mixing as well, FLV’s works great with VC V1 and Custard (FA) is very nice with fruits.

RF’s VC Extract is another good one and mixes well with FLV and/or VC V1.