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Apologies my good man. I was fairly confident that I had read previously that your preference was TFA. Maybe it was at that point, or perhaps I was just wrong.

Either way, I appreciate you taking a moment and correcting me, and/or bringing the ‘ELR historical record’ up to date!

I know that I place additional value (right or wrong) in the opinions of such respected members (like yourself) who have put in the countless hours and legwork to formulate these opinions,

PS: I have RF Custard extract in the arsenal as well! Cap VC v1 is my current go to, with only Inawera Custard on the “still want to try” list. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I still need to revisit TFA in this realm (which I do have in stock).


Jungle Flavors @ ecigExpress.com

Hello Mixers and Happy Holidays! This weekend save 20% on our entire selection of Jungle Flavors at ecigExpress!
Stay Safe and warm out there!


Howdy Vapers and Mixers!
We just wanted to check in with you and let you know that we have added a few more flavors to our Inawera selection at ecigExpress.com!

Some our our newer offerings include:
Bubble Gum
Shisha Raspberry
555 Gold
Lemon Mix
Lemon Cake

and more!
Check them out here:
DIY Flavors - Inawera | EcigExpress

Have a great Christmas Holiday!


It’s snowing where we are at! It’s beautiful!
This Weekend! save 15% on our entire selection of Inawera at ecigExpress.com !
Inawera @ ecigExpress

Most of all though have a SAFE and AWESOME holiday Weekend folks!


Quick question!

Did you all stop carrying Hangsen???

They’re still listed (with a link that points here: http://www.ecigexpress.com/diy-e-liquid/diy-e-liquid-flavors/hangsen.html) on the page here: http://www.ecigexpress.com/shop/diy-e-liquid/diy-e-liquid-flavors.html, however, on the same page, if you look down the left side (where it breaks it down into two sections: Category, and Brand) Hangsen is not shown in either location.

Is this a glitch in the website?? Or just an oversight? Or…

When you actually click on the Hangsen link above, it just takes you to the following:

And actually doing a search yields:


Let me check to see if we carry any @DonovanECX , Do we have any Hangsen in stock?


We no longer carry Hangsen unfortunately.


That’s a bummer.

Definitely appreciate your getting back with me though.


Howdy fellow mixers just wanted to make a few quick announcements!

  • We are proud to announce that we carry the popular Chubby Gorilla PET Bottles.
    Available in 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml sizes!

  • We have recently expanded our Flavorah catalogue with a few flavors:
    Irish Cream , Vanilla Pudding, and Chocolate Deutsch.
    More Flavorah selections are coming!

  • We have reduced the price of the popular FlavourArt Flavor, Forest Mix!
    10ml: $0.99
    30ml: $1.83
    120ml: $6.03
    250ml: $11.07
    500ml: $21.15

Have a great day! :smiley:


why the reduction in price of forest mix ??? sorry but i find it strange to choose just the one , do you have a mass amount your trying to get rid of ??? just curious


I was curious as well :slight_smile:


That’s awesome news!! Definitely one of my favorites! :thumbsup:


it cost me only $4.26 for 30ml with shipping :smile:


@fidalgo_vapes We did happen to order QUITE a bit.


Good Morning and welcome to the last weekend of 2016! To celebrate We’ve decided to have a New Years sale!
Save 20% off NEARLY site wide. Our usual exclusions apply.

lots of new products are covered by the sale and you can check them out here:

Also we now carry DIYorDIE concentrates in 120ml sizes in addition to our current 30ml sizes :slight_smile:

The team at ecigExpress wishes you a SAFE and Happy New Year’s Weekend!


awesome i need to order some things and i tried forest fruit the first time in december so the mix is still steeping but i think ill like it ty


Howdy Mixers and Vape family! This week’s sale is Flavor’s Express! now’s a great time to stock up on popular flavors like Green Tea, Lemon, or Oakmilk!
Have a safe and excellent Weekend!

Flavors Express


im curious will you ever open up a will call for locals ??? im in bellingham at least once a week


They have a store in Bellingham.


yea but they dont sell the concentrates just juice and gear its a vape store like the rest