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EcigExpress Deals and More!


Good afternoon Mixers! We just want to say that we have 6 new delicious Flavorah flavors in stock!
* Grape
* Cupcake batter
* Thai Chai
* Lemon Grass
* Gingersnap
* Blueberry
Try these delicious flavors today!


Woot! Thanks @DonovanECX! That makes me :grinning:

I'll be looking for it to hit the shelves!


Howdy fellow mixers!
This weekend we are offering 15% off our nicotine bases with the code in the pic above! (offer good through 4/24/2016
Have a great weekend !
Unflavored Nicotine bases


Flavor News - Episode 3!


nice production!


Hmmmmm candy.


Nice production. But, why buy the sampler packs when they are more expensive. FA is $14.50 if bought separately, you are charging $18.59? TFA or Signature is $7.45, you are charging 10.45? Not even going to waste my time looking farther. Should be less expensive when buying in bulk or higher quantities, not more money. I always liked your company, but this is honestly very disappointing to see from your company :frowning:


that's got to be some sort of mistake.


NW and Capella are the same as if bought separately. FW is 8.65 separately, but $14.83 in sampler pack. Yep, they need to work on those, hopefully someone just messed up when doing the math. I would hope they aren't doing it purposely.


If this is the case, it is definitely a mistake. It will be corrected.


We have corrected the pricing in the Sampler Pack category.
We have reconfigured how our bundle packs handle pricing and anyone who purchased them at the initial pricing can call us at 1-888-418-2215 for a refund.
Check it out at:


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we appreciate this being brought to our attention ! feedback is always welcomed:)


Thank you very much....so relieved to hear that. You are one of my favorite vendors, and I'm so glad it was an honest mistake and I admire your level of customer service. Thank you for the quick action, and even going to the extent of making it right for anyone that ordered it at the incorrect pricing! <3


Due to the positive response of our FlavourArt sale last weekend, ecigExpress is proud to offer promotional pricing on our FlavourArt brand flavorings!
No coupon code necessary!
Get yours today!

10mls: as low as $2.45
30mls: as low as $4.80
120mls: as low as $14.56
250mls as low as $28.29

E-Cig Flavors - FlavourArt | EcigExpress


Is it just for today?


It's a new ongoing promotional price:)


Howdy Mixers This weekend we are offering a 15% discount on all Inawera flavorings with the coupon code: INAWERA15

Get your savings today on these delicious flavors!
E-Cig Flavors - Inawera | EcigExpress
Have a great Weekend!


Greetings! I have an exciting announcement for you guys.

We have begun to roll-out a series of flavors that we have formulated specifically for vapers!

It begins with our take on Lemon Juicy & Strawberry Sweet

Go grab some and let us know what you think :slight_smile:


How about some free samples. There are plenty here that will review them for you.


They look great. Do they come with other chemicals like diactyle and other?

Of course I love free. But would there be maybe a 50% off one time only DIY tester code?


$5.99 for a 10ml bottle? No, thank you. That's even more than some of the Flavorah, and they are 15ml bottles. I think they are pricing themselves out of being competitive IMHO.

If reviews end up coming in being absolutely amazing and best thing since sliced bread, might consider trying it, but I'm happy with my current flavoring with their price point.