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EcigExpress Deals and More!


Looks like there was a couple of configuration errors, and the appropriate price reduction wasn't applied. All fixed. :slight_smile:


I've just sent out a ton of samples to mixers. :slight_smile:


2000 lbs of flavoring..........really cool. Maybe there is enough this time that even I get a little bottle. :smile_cat:


Is ELR members on your samples list? Just asking cause I've spent a couple grand with ECX, and I've never recieved a single free sample.


We do have ELR members on the sample list! I apologize for skipping over you, my mistake. I'll get you added to the list :slight_smile:


Put me on the List. I bought a lot of stuff from ECX over the years to :thumbsup:


I buy a lot from ECX as well and am very active reviewing flavors on VU, I would of course add those reviews to this forum as well.

Keep up the great work Donovan!


Happy Friday Mixers! I see Donovan has made mention of our new Jungle flavors so I'm going to just leave this right here!
Happy Memorial Day and have a great 3 day weekend!


There is list?


Wow...that is twice in the last couple months that I've had to point out errors with your pricing. I do get that people make mistakes and all...but why is no one checking the product pages from your company and double checking pricing is correct when adding stuff to the website? Seems reasonable to actually pull up your product pages and proofread your work?

And please add me to the where is the sampler list for elr members question too? Was there a thread we all missed?



I actually feel we've been slighted a bit. I'm sure you've heard the term... "You have to spend money to make money".

For a long time ECX was my go to vendor for my concentrates. Way before I learned to search for a better deal. Then they were my "goto" when they had FA/INW sales.

Then came BCV... now @Nicotine_River with a sale price everyday. I'm sure sales are hurting a bit because I get these, "I haven't seen you in while emails". These newer vendors are reaching out with better everyday prices and samples to report to the masses.

Now they advertise these new expensive flavors for us to buy and review so they can get more sales for you.

Take it like you want, but I ain't wit it... (excuse my ebonics). ELR is a force and I feel we've been shorted a bit.

These newer vendors are collaborating with the members here. ECX had 1 giveaway here and has been reaping the rewards every since.

@DonovanECX says they gave flavors to ELR members, but I haven't seen anyone post a review of flavor samples received from ECX.

Like it or not... I'm just keeping it real.


Excellent points...both of ya'll


I’m sure those members will step forward right now… (sarcasm font)
The real free samples are in different threads…like Amoretti, Real Flavors, Nicotine River


Patience you must have my young padawan...

You must unlearn what you have just learned.




TBH, I have never received a free sample of flavoring from any company. However, I am also a new mixer with only 8 months of experience, and didn't find this forum and become active on it until 3-4 months ago?

But, I am not into mixing for freebies. I do it because I find it fun, challenging, and a fantastic hobby. Also because I love learning, and sharing knowledge, and due to being disabled from cancer (damn smoking!) I no longer can work outside the home, and this helps fill a void left from losing my career.

That being said, even though I am not in it for freebies, I don't like vendors acting all magnanimous as if they have done us a great service when no one has been given anything either. You don't have to give anything away, and I'm not asking for anything. Except that you self monitor your website and pricing, and that you not take credit for what seems to be non existent samples for quite a few of us elr members. Not all of us members have viewed this thread, and in all fairness I can't speak for everyone. However, the few that have spoken so far are regular forum participants that I see active often.

Frankly, along with the pricing issues I have brought to your attention twice in the last 30 days, it gives off the impression of dishonesty. But that is just my opinion, and we all have one of those....


When I order from companies online, on the notes section, I always write: free samples welcome 3mg/nic.
I usually receive something. Usually its a 10ml bottle of juice or I get a sampler of flavor.


Usually when a site says they will include free ejuice I explicitly ask they donate it to their bnm location to give it to the next person trying to quit the cigs or next person that buys a vision spinner.


Notice there is no defending response?


I really wasn't seeking a response. I was only pointing out the obvious. I really don't like the way they do business. They don't really create flavors as some others... at least not until there latest post. Some of their business practices do seem a bit shady... Especially since @MysticRose has been kind enough to point out. Some newer mixers could be sucked into an unfair pricing policy as we can now see by patroning their competition.


Just putting this out there since it was mentioned...I got a PM from Donovan a couple weeks ago asking about these two flavors and if I'd be interested in beta testing. I received them today but haven't tested them yet.

Edit: Also wanted to mention I don't know how many people were contacted other than myself as it was not a group PM that was sent.