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Thanks @JoJo... That's good to hear.


Lol....I always write "Thank you very much and I hope you have a great week!" in the notes section. Like I said, not looking for free. And I don't really mind the finding mistakes so much. I just HATE that the new diy'ers and sometimes new vapers as well, get taken advantage of when they are new and still learning. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But, I'm just a peon in this thing we call life :wink:


Thanks for the heads up. You do have to be part of the "in" crowd most times to be a tester. And, I agree with that. It's not like it's cheap to give away free product and pay shipping. As a tester, you have a responsibility to actually test and give feedback, as that is what a company is looking for. So, if you have built a solid reputation to actually being responsive, you should get the free samples. There are many people, not just here but on multiple forums, who ask for free stuff all the time, yet they never leave feedback or testing notes. So it does make sense for a company to weed out the repeat offenders. I mean, sometimes life happens and for some reason you actually don't get to a tester once in a while, But, if it's a constant thing, that tells it's own story.

And sadly having witnessed some real "winners", sarcasm intended, a large portion of society really does seem to just be out for handouts. In a lot of aspects.

So I also see if from a vendor's perspective as well.

I am entirely too cynical sometimes, I'm sorry :cry:


I'd like to offer another school of thought. Reviewing flavors doesn't have to come in the form of a written review. Not knocking the ones who do - it does take time and energy to do them after all - only that it's not necessary. Because nothing gets me to buy a flavoring any quicker than to hear feedback when it's used in a recipe. For example, I keep trying to find Hangsen Italian Cream because of what I've seen in the forums AND the recipes.

Just like with FLV Chocolate Deutch. I didn't do a write up, but I did share a killer German Chocolate Cake recipe in the forum and I'd say that translated into sales, even if only modestly. And frankly, far more people are looking at the recipes section than participate in the forums, so any investment in the ELR community will result in free advertising and ultimately more sales if the product is high quality.

Maybe if there isn't enough response to some flavors it simply means they aren't all that. I think all these vendors and manufacturers need to chew on that idea a bit. Because I ain't helping anyone sell stuff that sucks.


That is a very true and valid points as well. Just as I was speaking earlier tonight on another forum about a couple flavors that I recommended, and he is adding them to his purchase list based on my recommendation. Then how many more end up reading that thread and ordering and/or passing the recommendations on, and how many more do they tell, and so on. Word of mouth is a very good sales tactic as well.


BCV has it


I'll get some! Last couple times I checked it was sold out. So I went there again and this time clicked on all 3 of their sizes. I can't get 10 or 30 ml, but can get 50. Weird, but i'm buying it!! Thanks for the tip my friend.


Here here! I put most of my 'reviews' as little notes in my stash on ELR. :slight_smile:


And I love that! Most of us look in the notes section of the database when making recipes. Especially mixers that haven't found the forums, newer mixers, or even ones that use the program to mix but don't have the time or interest to talk about it like the rest of us. I am still working on getting all my notes completed.

My starting order was around 80 flavors, and by the time I got them all tested, and figured out the mixing program, I was already way behind in making notes. And then I had already added even more flavors.I will eventually get caught up :blush:


That is what I keep telling myself...then I order more flavors. I think it is a losing battle, but I'm gonna keep fighting! :stuck_out_tongue:


Good afternoon, and thank you for your honest feedback!

Some of you expressed concern over prices on the products we offer. First, I want to apologize. We have a specific process in place for adding new products, and we made a mistake by advertising new products before applying the promotional pricing. I guess we were so excited that our advertising team couldn’t wait! This has taught us a valuable lesson, one that will allow us to communicate with all of you more effectively and hopefully allow us to lower prices even more!

I also want to share our company vision with all of you. ecigExpress is dedicated to providing customers with the best online shopping experience, from beginning to end, with an easy to navigate, searchable website, secure payment methods, and fast delivery.

Our philosophy centers on customer needs. If there is ever an issue, we will fix it. I promise. We are not happy until you are. That’s our bottom line.

Again, thank you for the constructive feedback. We will use it to improve ecigExpress as a company, customer satisfaction, and the DIY community as a whole.


Owning up to mistakes and providing outstanding customer service goes a long way in establishing customer loyalty. Thanks for doing so.


Ditto to what @Lostmarbles said, very professional and well thought out reply. Personally I have never had a problem with ECX, they are one of my go to vendors. It is great to see how they respond to customers who do have complaints though, it just cements them as one of my favorites.


I've had no issues with ecx. Sure I have seen a few hicups here and there...but I've been taken care of pretty well.

I would be interested to see what are partners are doing/saying/participating in the relms of the new fda stuff. Maybe @DonovanECX can comment. Or our other vendors from bcv, fastech, vaperdna, eciggity, and so on.

Personally, sure I would love a few sample here and there. It would probably just make my day. But at this point I hope our big box vendors are participating the efforts. I would rather be able to continue vaping without buying direct from China.


Howdy fellow mixers! This weekend we are have a sale on Jungle Flavors at ecigexpress.com
Now is a perfect chance to try Jungle flavors latest offerings, Lemon Juicy and Strawberry Sweet!
Have a great weekend and as always Vapesafe and MixWell!




Enyawreklaw Concentrates are now available @ ECX. We are stoked about this collaboration.



Howdy fellow mixers and TGIF Father's Day edition! This weekend ecigExpress.com is offering 15% on a majority of our products site wide (some exclusions apply.)
Have a great weekend mixers!


Majority? Ecx doesn't load all to good on my phone.

How about tpa, FA, and INW ooooo and lotus?


All that you have mentioned are eligible, only some wholesale flavors, Capella, Lorann, and the new DIYorDIe concentrates are exempt from the sale:)
Sorry for any confusion this may have caused @Chrispdx!