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EcigExpress Deals and More!


Happy Friday fellow mixers! This weekend’s sale is on our popular Lotus Flavors line (Medicine Flower)!
Save 15% with the code above!
Have a great weekend!
Lotus Flavors


@Amy2 Weekend sale on Lotus at ECX Code: LOTUSFLAVORS15


SMOOCHES :kissing_heart: thank you !!! I have been meaning to get a few more !! I always need more SB


Your welcome , I can’t tell you how many sales at ECX I have missed because I didn’t see it in time.Glad I seen this one!


Me too I used to get the news letter but it stopped for some reason I’ll have to see if I un checked it or something. Not sure but since the website changed a bit maybe that has something to do w/ it.


Not sure if you use the lotus stuff @Pro_Vapes but I know you’re a massive Medicine Flower guy. Don’t want you to miss out on the above sale.


they are the same thing


Happy Friday Fellow Mixers! This weekend’s sale is 15% savings on Inawera brand flavors!
Have a great weekend!..also, out of curiosity ,since its fall what are your ADV’s shifting to? Savory? Baked desserts?


Have you tried our Express DIY concentrates?

Express DIY Concentrates

ecigExpress is proud to present mixers with our Express DIY concentrates! Our Express concentrates are easy to use in your own DIY recipe! To make your own DIY mix, simply add our recommended percentage of flavor to your recipe base. Fast, easy and premium quality!
Note: Our concentrates are a complex blend of flavors that contain no nicotine or tobacco.


TGIF MIXERS! This weekend save 20% on FlavourArt brand at ecigExpress.com !
Have a great weekend!


This Weekend! enjoy 20% savings on Jungle Flavors with the code listed above! Now’s a great chance to try out Yellow Cake, Cheesecake Graham Crust, Forest Mix, Bavarian cream, Biscuit and the wildly popular Strawberry Sweet!
Jungle Flavors at ecigExpress.com

Have a most excellent Weekend!


We’ve decided to extend our popular Jungle Flavors sale! Try the Yellow Cake!
Offer good through October 14th, 2016.
E-Liquid Flavors by Jungle Flavors | EcigExpress


This Weekend! Save 20% on our popular NorthWest Flavors line! use the code in the picture above.)
Offer is good through October 16th 2016.
NorthWest VG Flavors

Also, ecigExpress is proud to announce that we now carry Flavorah’s Alpine Strawberry and Strawberry Cream!
Try these excellent flavors today!

Alpine Strawberry by Flavorah

Strawberry Cream by Flavorah


We are proud to present Wayne Walker of DIYorDIE’s latest concentrate… Cuprian!

This recipe is a creamy and rich mint ice cream with perfectly layered milk chocolate chips in the background. This is one of Wayne’s longest working recipes which took over a whopping 9 months to develop.
Through much work and dedication, Wayne has created one of his most delicious, addicting, and most authentic recipes to date.
What’s even better is this is a shake and vape, delicious right after a mix (though a 3-4 day steep is best). Purchase this recipe now to experience the best Mint Chocolate recipe on the market, period.

Cuprian by DIYorDIE


Have a great Weekend!



More Flavors Express Green Tea is on the way:)


I just wanted to pipe in here and let folks know here at ELR about some great customer service I received from http://www.ecigexpress.com
I recently purchased a bottle of COCOA and when I opened the bottle the drip tip was stuck in the cap. I used it to mix a bottle of juice anyway but suspected the contents may have evaporated some so I complained to ECX, they said no problem that they would send me a new cap, they also explained the flavor was weird and always had a strange consistency. Well I sortof blew it off and went on, about 5 days later I get a package from ECX with: 1 new tip, 1 new cap, 1 sealed unopened bottle of COCOA. Now I figure they just like aliens, so you humans might not get the same special treatment as me, but I think they have a great site and great customer service and I endorse them as one of my favorite places to buy DIY flavors and other equipment!
@ecigexpress keep up the good work!


my last order from them they sent hazelnut grove FA instead of FW hazelnut 30ml and they replaced it quickly and gabe me the FA they told me it was a sample bottle lol , i also received 3 10ml bottles that the caps stayed in the red cap i didnt lose anything so no complaint but whenever i open these flaves i have to be careful because of it


I kept having the tips stay in the cap too on at least half of my order. One of the reasons I don’t order very often from them anymore. But they do have exceptional customer service!


Thank you all for the feedback!