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EcigExpress: Deals Flavor News and More!


We will take this feedback to the team for sure @fidalgo_vapes.


thank you very much


@ecigexpress you can mark me down as having major interest in FA Vanilla Custard Premium, too!


what about the croissant ???


Lol ok yes I promise I’ll buy a bottle of that too if ecx stocks it!


What about the croissant?! :laughing:
Being the only croissant available (that I’ve ever heard of)… Of course there’s interest! :smiley:


Adding to our Flash Sale thread:

We now have the popular Juicy Strawberry from our friends at FlavourArt available! :slight_smile:
Perfect time for a 25% off FlavourArt Flash Sale!
use code: FLAVOURART25


Good Morning everyone and Happy Friday!
This week’s sale is on Flavor West !
We have Juicy Strawberry with more great products on the way over the next few days :smile:
Have a great weekend and as always Vapesafe and MIXWELL!


So ive got about 2 weeks on this Strawberry Harvest. Ive got to get ready to take the wifes folks out for their birthdays but when i get back tonight ill be giving it a go. On the finger it still has that wonderful candy taste.


Finally vape tested:
.25ohm/3mm SS fancy coils
45-75 watts
Troll V2
1.5% flavoring in a 80/20 mix.

Holds up to the extra wattage very well with little flavor change. Also it fingers tastes almost exactly the same from day 1 to 2 weeks which leads me to think that the vape flavor changes little as well, i dont think it will change much with two more week curing and i vaped this 12ml bottle in an hour so i wont be able to find out anytime soon. Yes, i did eat the entire other 12ml bottle, its was frackin yummy.

Oh, yes, that wonderful candy SB flavor is still there. This isnt a “Ripe” strawberry nor is it anything like the Shisha SB from INW, it is unique among the strawberry flavorings that i have tried.

Off flavor? Nah, it is that little strawberry wrapped candy that granny always had, i love it.

Sorry for the lack of descriptors but it really needs none outside of granny candy. I do feel it has uses outside of candy vapes tho that is where im going to start as i ate the entire bag of candy before this was ready to vape.

Thanks for sending this, @ecigexpress. :slight_smile:


I feel a candied strawberry custard in your future :rofl:


You know it! hehe.


Wooo hooo Glad you like it @Ken_O_Where ! We are by no means trying to compete with all the other great strawberries out there. (there’s too many good ones lol ) Just want to offer a different flavor than JF’s Strawberry Sweet


Yup it is good. Strawberry jf. Reminds me a bit of rf sc…with some of the red parts. It held up pretty well to 2.5% circus cotton candy cap.

My true test is steeping. Strawberry custard with Vc cap v2


Hey everybody! We are currently having a Flash sale!
Have a great day!




Good Morning and Happy Friday everybody! This weekend sale is on our popular in house brand :
Flavors Express !
In addition to that, we have added all of the Capella Silver Line to our Capella inventory as well!
Have a great weekend and whatever you do … VapeSafe and MixWell!

P.S. Halloween Horror Handcheck Giveaway next week! :ghost:


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Yes. We’ve already put in a request to have that put in the giveaway thread! Good luck to all who enter!


What kind of tittle do you want? I suck at such things so if i create one it will be boring and derpy.


Whatever you think is appropriate Ken, we trust your judgment :slight_smile: