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We are going to have to give that orange a shot in our next mix!


It’s like Etcho cooler FW just more natural. With a bit of a different fully orange body to it. I’m still working with it to find the right balance with it. But addIng 0.5-1% to my orange vapes is just yummy.


Wonder what that would taste like as an accent to Milk chocolate by INA? hmmm the wheels are spinning!


You may need a sharp note like 0.25 orange FA or sweet tangerine cap 2% or bergamot FA 0.2% to get an orangey push.


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Also, our recipe of the week is a delicious Spring Peach Lemonade. We will be uploading today in the recipe section today. Its a great vape for the coming spring.


BTW, If you are a fan of LorAnn’s Watermelon flavor, but do not like the pink color… try Watermelon Clear from LorAnn!
Same flavor …minus the food coloring:)
Watermelon Clear by LorAnn Oils


@Amy2 is the watermellon clear worth getting? I already have FA, inw, sweet watermelon cap.


Sorry haven’t been on at all today just seen…if you like a sweet candy like watermelon then yes this will be up your street. I still use mine but rarely at full strength whew this stuff is sweet. I tend to blend it the way we do our SBs.


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these flaves remind of what you carried in your lotus line :wink: am i sensing a replacement for lotus things that make you go hmmmmm


im actually happy you guys are carrying this line and hope you stock many more


$2.99 for a 10ml after the discount is actually more expensive than it is in the uk store that got them in lol


I do hope ecx continues to carry lotus/MF. There are some that I find just too good


I completely agree.

Lotus (aka MF) has several flavors that I absolutely cannot replace.

I’ve tried every other vendor’s “attempt” at butterscotch, and the only one who’s nailed it is MF. Same for orange.

I haven’t even had the opportunity to try the chocolate or white chocolate (which I have the latter on the shelf) or so many others that I want to try yet…

Consider this another strong request for keeping the Lotus brand on the shelves!


will keeping lotus even be a choice if they dont comply to FDA


At that point :point_up:️ I would purchase direct. But that means lowered opportunities for me to shop ecx and lowered impulse buys at ecx. Just saying.


Feedback is noted:) We still carry them and will re-stock based on demand. @Sprkslfly and @Chrispdx can you tell us what are some must have lotus flavors for you both?


Lemon and Vanilla for sure