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EcigExpress: Deals, New Flavor news, and more!


Great Sale! Less than half price when including shipping directly from MF. I just hate I didn’t need more.


TGIF Mix Family and more importantly, Lets take a second to say THANK YOU to all the Mothers and Grandmothers on ELR (and the world of course!)

Ok …So THIS WEEKEND Save 15% off Most brands and DIY supplies at www.ecigexpress.com !

Also we have rotated a few new Items into the ON SALE! section of our website, so if you are looking for deep savings on flavor, check out our ON SALE! section and use the code: FLAVORHUNTER25

Other than that we have some new and interesting flavors coming out next week and we hope you have a most excellent weekend honoring and celebrating family! :sparkling_heart:


Are you guys phasing out your Medicine Flower flavors? You have had them on sale for quite a while and the selection seems to be getting smaller.


yes i know the vanilla is gone:( i was heart broken


Happy Friday Mixers! This Weekend Save 25% on Jungle Flavors at www.ecigexpress.com !

We also added two new exciting Super Concentrates from Real Flavors :
Cookies and Cream
Blueberry Lemonade Slushie

Also our FLAVORHUNTER25 Sale is going strong with new items added so check that out if you have a chance!

Have an Great Weekend!


Quick Announcement:
Sweet Rice is back in stock and has brought some friends of note!

Sun Seeds: The most authentic Sunflower Seed taste We’ve ever tasted.

Avacado: Delicious and light, This flavor would pair well with fruit type recipes

Lemon Grass
: Interesting and VERY Authentic Lemon grass flavor.



The Sun Seed flavor… I feel we should say a bit more about this flavor.
We vaped quite a bit standalone and was amazed by its strength and deliciousness. We also paired it with a few tobacco flavors.
It’s unique nutty seed flavor is amazing for those who like nut/ seed type flavors and it complimented RY4 Double VERY well.


I am loving the Sweet Rice! You guys did an excellent job on this one!! Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey there Mix Family! Ready for Memorial Day Weekend?! This weekend save 25% on most items (with our usual exclusions.) at www.ecigEpress.com !

Offer good through Memorial Day!
Have a SAFE and awesome weekend!!

Memorial Day 2017 Deals!

So in addition to our Memorial Day sale we have a quick announcement:

ecigExpress works to support the DIY community by recognizing exceptional talent in the DIY community.
ecigexpress is proud to present its Mixer’s Showcase.
We believe that through building solid relationships with DIY mixers and recognizing them for their achievements,
that we will cultivate the best premium recipe concentrate selection at the most affordable prices!
We are grateful for an energetic DIY community, and we are honored to be part of it.
We thank all of our customers, and with your help, we look forward to contributing to the creation and distribution of excellent recipes.

If your like Pina Coladas by 1D10-T

Bio for ID10-T:
ADV/EDV? I don’t believe they exist. It’s funny, after smoking only two varieties from one brand for 20 years, now it’s the sheer variety, the endless combinations of flavors, that keeps me deeply engaged in mixing juice and completely uninterested in the stinkies.

My mixing style is mostly representational, largely direct and straightforward, and meticulous as all hell, though I sometimes dabble in more abstract and exciting combinations, flavor bending, and pure fantasy. Recipes go through one tiny revision after another until they do exactly I want them to do. But people’s tastes vary, and many of my recipes are shared with the primary goal of inspiring others’ creativity.

Bottom line, when it comes mixing juice, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. But also, don’t take life too seriously, it’s not like you’re going to get out alive.

Flavor Description:
A classic island cocktail, perfectly balanced. Fresh pineapple juice, Jamaican rum, and Coco Lopez coconut cream.

suggested percentage: 13.6%

Cherry Necessary by ZestyVapes

A bit about ZestyVapes

I believe I started my mixing endavours in the mid of 2015. I started just like everyone else, so many questions:

“What percentage is too much for a certain mix?” or “What is not enough of a flavoring in a mix?”

Through many trial and errors of failed attempts paired with watching other artists, I learned how flavors played on each other.

Now I honed in my craft and created my own Youtube channel to post my own creations so I can showcase my work to the world.

I dont want new mixers to have a bad exprience creating their own recipes and put down such a powerful skill to have.

Flavor Description
A red sugary beverage flavor that will flood you with sweet, nostalgic memories of your childhood.

Suggested Percentage: 11%

Have a most SAFE and Excellent 3 day weekend!


It’s good to see even more involvement and ECX is promoting DIY mixers.



This weekend save 20% on Real Flavors at ecigexpress.com !
Also Sweet rice will be back in next week!

Have a most excellent Weekend!


This Weekend! save 15% on Inawera Brand Flavorings!
Have a great weekend everyone!


WOOHOO! Perfect timing!


Quick question. Need to know if your Inawera chocolate, milk chocolate, and chocolate cream are the original recipe, or the reformulated (newer stock).
Please advise.


Howdy Fellow Mixers! This weekend’s sale is on Jungle Flavors!
Save 25% with the code above!
Have an excellent weekend!

We’ve put together a small care package of additives to giveaway!

This giveaway is simple. Just post one of your ELR recipes that uses an additive here in this thread. (doesn’t have to be brand specific.)
Next week, we will take the user names of those who posted and put them in a list randomizer.
Winner will be announced next Friday!
The winner will receive:
1x 30ml Ethyl Maltol
1x 30ml Erythritol Solution
1x 30ml Sweetener
1x 30 ml Menthol Solution
1X 30 ml Koolada Solution
1x 10ml of WS-23


@Sprkslfly if you find any of the old version in the states please let me know , thank you ( milk chocolate )


Very much appreciate the reply (and honesty).

@fidalgo_vapes definitely will do brother!


This Weekend! save 15% on Flavor West and Express DIY Concentrates!

This week we have two new delicious one shots available!

Island Nectar:
Now you can enjoy the the insanely popular flavor of Pineapple Orange and Guava in your next DIY recipe!

Chocolate Wafer Bar:
Enjoy the taste of layers of rich chocolate covering a deliciously buttery and sweet wafer cookie.
Chocolate Wafer Bar is a limited edition flavor that will satisfy the sweet tooth of those who enjoy chocolate and bakery recipes.

Have an Excellent Father’s Day Weekend!