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This Weekend! Save 25% on NorthWest VG Flavors! These flavors are perfect for those with PG sensitivities!

Also for those who enjoy cooling agents in their mix, WS-23 is a cooling agent that has little or no odor or taste.
As opposed to other cooling agents, WS-23 is more round and smooth in character.
This additive is good for those who enjoy “cool or icey” cooling impacts with less flavor muting than other popular additives.

VapeSafe and MixWell! Have an excellent weekend! :grinning:


Looks like I’ll be placing an order soon. I can’t use koolada and I’ve been looking for this to see if it works better for me. :slight_smile:


Order just a little to begin with - I can’t vape stuff with WS-23 in it - it hurts the back of my throat :stuck_out_tongue: Really odd feeling.


Aww, dang. :confused: Guess the icy cold just isn’t meant to be for me.


Jojo, I (Justanothermixer on discord) have been playing with it for about two weeks. While other companies around the web have recommended 3-5% I feel the sweet spot for this is about 0.50-0.75% and its ICE COLD lol.


Oh, I said order a little, just in case you get the same experience as me - I’ve heard of people who thinks it’s amazing stuff, and can use a LOT in their juices. I just can’t… :slight_smile:


To me Koolada is totally different. I can’t take Koolada but I love cooling effect (hiliq), polar blast (fa), and ice cold bakers. I tried ice cold about a year or so ago and was so impressed. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the states and didn’t want to wait 3 months to get it from Russia. Hope it works out good for you as well :wink:


Howdy Mixers! Today marks the beginning of our 5-day Independence day sale at ecigexpress.com !
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Have a great weekend and a SAFE , fun Independence Day!

4th of July Sales 2017

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Happy Friday Fellow Mixers:) We hope your mid week holiday was Safe and fun and that you still have all of your fingers .
This Weekend! Save 20% on Flavors Express brand!

In addition, we have added a few new flavors to our Flavor West Catalogue!
Sun Burst (Starburst Type)
Wild Berry Cobbler Ala Mode
Funnel Cake

Have an excellent summer weekend!


Howdy and Happy Friday!
This weekend’s sale is 20% off of FlavourArt ! Use the code below to get savings on this popular brand!


In addition to that, We have added some new items to our inventory!

DX Buttersctoch by Signature/ TFA
Berry Mix by Signature/TFA
Fuji by Cappella
Guava by Flavors Express
Passionfruit by Flavors Express
Sweet Orange by Flavors Express
Stevia Solution

We’ve also added bottles and a few flavors to our ON SALE! category.
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and finally this week’s recipe is a delicious Key Lime Pie. check it our in our ELR recipe section.
That’s it for now, have a great weekend and as always VapeSafe and MixWell!


Howdy Fellow Mixers! This weekend’s sale is on Jungle Flavors!
Save 25% with the code above!

Have an excellent weekend!


The winner will receive:
1x 30ml Ethyl Maltol
1x 30ml Erythritol Solution
1x 30ml Sweetener
1x 30 ml Menthol Solution
1X 30 ml Koolada Solution
1x 10ml of WS-23

Good Luck to those who enter!


do we post here or in the thread @JoJo made


We’ll check both!


What if we have never used on :slight_smile:


That’s a fair question. How about this? Post the last recipe you made on ELR and simply put no additives?


Good Morning and Happy Friday Folks! This Weekend, our sale is on Real Flavors!


Also we have a delicious new DIYorDIE conentrate: Obsidian!


From Wayne Walker:
"Obsidian is a recipe that is open ended.
It’s main profile is warm cookie dough, blended with touches of caramel and graham cracker, with a light touch of tobacco on the end. Delicious on its own, and is how Wayne himself enjoys the recipe,but he’s left some headroom in the concentrate to allow any toppings or tweaks you’d like.
It’s a recipe that can take on many forms, but doesn’t lose its initial luster.
Perfect for the beginner looking to get into crafting their own recipes."

Best mixed at 50/50, with at least a 1 week steep.

And last but not least, @Bikerdude is the winner of this week’s additives care package giveaway!
New Giveaway coming up sometime next week!
Have a great weekend everyone and may your mixes steep well! :grin:

P.S. For those who like Strawberry Ice cream with bakery crumbles, our latest recipe is amazing.


congrats @Bikerdude and ty ECX for the giveaway


No problem expect more VERY Soon!


What Fidalgo said!! :thumbsup: