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I’m still in testing mode. I think I have 5 more fruits in testing that smelled great in the smell test.

I really like orange and kiwi mf.
Oddly enough I think FA is coming out with two oranges that sound like they have the potential to replace orange.

Beyond that I like the pear. And I find in irreplaceable…but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it wasn’t there and could see it cut from the list.

I think melon ( not sure in the name) is really good and I would go direct to mf to purchase.

I can try and vape my testers this week to report back if needed. I know if more people would try mf they would fall in love :heart:


Like Chrispdx, I’m still testing… But the ones I can GUARANTEE will be on my reorder list (so far) are:

  • Butterscotch
    (THE perfect butterscotch when
    combined with FW butterscotch natural!)
  • Orange
    (Better than Inawera, without the gnarly TH)

I am still working through testing caramel (2 weeks or so until it hits the month mark), and have to test white chocolate, and ‘chocolate’.

@Chrispdx: definitely have to agree with you here:
“I know if more people would try mf they would fall in love :heart:️” I know my search for butterscotch has ended finally. And that was a long hard search.

Thanks for your consideration, interaction with us here, and keeping the line!!


Peach mf and nectarine could be cut. I have to find the tropical fruit mix (super excited about that one…smelled really good as a concentrate).

Peach because I think it can be recreated between inw and FA and maybe some tpa.

Nectarine mf had the earthy notes but not as exciting as orange mf.


Very Cool feedback! Thanks you guys!


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OMG…you’ve been stalking my comments haven’t you! Noooooo, you are going to make me order damnit!

You know, you could have mentioned this before the 20% off sale expired :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Mystic we are so sorry about that! this flavor actually came in afterwards,
I will inquire about running a promotion around the new FE flavors.
we also have a killer Lemon Grass and one that I (social media /mixer guy) am very excited for coming soon. Sun Seed!
Now that may sound silly, but I have been playing with the samples and out of the new flavors (which are all good)
Sunflower and Sweet Rice are my favorite.
The Rice is VERY versatile and the Sunflower, well in all honesty as a mixer I am thrilled to experiment further using it in bread, tobaco and as a “nut enhancer” Does that make sense lol?


Awwwww, that’s ok, was just joking with you. I already ordered it yesterday :wink:

Had to try it!


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Medicine Flower

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