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That my friend is a mistake!


how about : ECX Giveaway - Two $50 Gift Cards ?


couls you please find out if you will be carrying the
FA Vanilla Custard Premium id appreciate the info thank you @ecigexpress


Whats this now?


Fa os putting out a few new flaves , including the one i mentioned, however it contains the good stuff , i am hoping since ECX carries the FA WC and butter that they may carry this as well , because they give us what we want !!!



@ecigexpress Yes please.


Happy Halloween Weekend Folks! Our Weekend sale is 25% off FlavourArt
Hope you have a SAFE and fun weekend !


perfect timing , i need to replenish a few things and try a couple of them ty



It’s Almost Halloween! Happy Monday Mix Family!



Happy Friday Mix Family! This Weekend, our sale is on Jungle Flavors and Express DIY One shots!

Whatever you do this weekend, Please Vapesafe and Mixwell!


Just recieved the custard premium, made up a few mixes an hour or so ago so cant give any opinions for a week or two on the flavour. Smells very nice though, similar to cap custard but sweeter, less buttery, stronger and maybe cleaner…think this may be a really good one


where did you get that from ( which company ) , please let me know if there is any type of lemon note, the one thing ive noticed with FA is the lemon undertone on a lot of their flaves


Im in the UK, so got it from the flavour art UK food concentrate site http://www.flavourart.uk


i knew that lmao , i actually remembered after i posted lol


I couldnt smell any lemon note in it, there is a strong lemon note with the croissant from the smell though


yes ive been warned about the croissant and that was one of the warnings , whats with the lemon note for a croissant im imagining a croissant here is the same i. europe ???

just bought some a day ago


Must be an Italian thing as here they are like your picture full off butter more possibly but no ruddy lemon


@VapeyMama, heads up, Sweet Bread Crust is back and will be online by the end of the day:)


Sweet bread crust??? Got to check that out!!


Same. working up a PBJ recipe to test it out… any suggestions on this anyone?