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Good Morning Mix Family! Today is a flash sale on Nicotine! Use the code above to save 30%!

Other News:
For our next giveaway what do you think of this idea?
We post a recipe and you tell us how you would modify it and why?
Winners would still be randomized.


i like it , good idea


Sweet! we will get one up by the end of the day or early tomorrow :slight_smile:


That sounds like a Great Idea :+1:


Good Morning and Happy Friday Mix Family! We hope your recipes are steeping well! or are at least great as a shake and vape!
This Weekend Save 15% off Inawera AND Flavor West!inawest15-nov

Also, let’s start that giveaway!


Happy Veteran’s Day everyone!
We appreciate the service of all who have served or is currently serving in our American armed forces!

Today Only! Save 25% on ALL One Shots at ecigExpress.com including DIYorDIE !



Howdy Fellow Mixers! We added Breakfast Cereals and Red Bean to our FlavourArt catalogue :grin:

Also back by popular demand is Ckemist’s Recipe One Shot : Sugar Cookie Fluff !

Don’t forget to enter our FIX MY MIX Giveaway (drawing on Friday)!
Hope everyone is mixing something awesome!



Good Morning Good Morning! Today we are having a 25% Flash sale on the FlavourArt !

Have a great day Mix Family!


is this over at midnight ??? i wont be home until after midnight and i have not been able to get on the website with my phone ALL DAY but ill be home 2am ish you think it will be good still



Happy Friday! This weekend, our sale is on Real Flavors and NorthWest VG Flavors!
We will also have our drawing for the FIX MY MIX Giveaway later today!

Have a great weekend! VapeSafe and MixWell!


got my order in lastnight , but boy was it a hassle lol


Oh No @fidalgo_vapes! Glad you made it in time for the savings though!


its all good and im happy , grabbed a bunch of FA flaves i havent tried 10ml and a few others from FW and INW as well , but forgot new PET bottles to SF test in F#€£ , i always forget something


Hi Guys, for those who want more control over their cooling agent WS-23, we now offer it in powder from in addition to our WS-23 solution.

Check it out:


In addition to that, we have new DELICIOUS one shots from @ExclusiveGirl and Jennifer Jarvis Of Flavor-Pro
Green Tea Wafer Bar
Bake Sale

Both are Unique and delicious recipes worth checking out if you don’t have time to mix.
Ok off to do the giveaway!


Have been trying to get on ecigexpress for hours. Is the site down


I just logged on, it’s a little slow, but ok.


no black friday code?
Edit. see . now they got 15% on flavors :slight_smile:



Posting the sale now :slight_smile:








We’ve decided to start Black Friday …. NOW!
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Don’t Forget to check out our Big giveaway on our Facebook Page as well!
Happy Mixing!

Happy ThanksGiving Everyone!