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EcigExpress Presents: The Season of Savings Giveaway! (Ended)






this is a test , this is only test


EcigExpress: Sales, Flavor News and more!


Doesnt have a jazzy holiday name…but here it is!


Nice! a holiday tobacco!



Is this right Dan?? 60% flavoring? 20% of FLV fig? Damn son…


Haha, right on man :slight_smile:

I mean I wasn’t judging, to each their own, I was only thinking that even I kept InSaNiTy under 18%… :thinking:



Glad you found a use for that fig!! @Dan_the_Man


Hey gang, just stopped in to say that we are gaining our bearings from the holidays and gearing up for a couple of sales. The drawing will actually be tomorrow if you all dont mind :slight_smile:


Hope you had a Great Sale turn out.
Get those orders processed !
We will be here making ours lists :grinning::+1:
You know in the event that one of us wins :wink:


will do for sure :smile:


Good morning and sorry for the delay on this. Tallying names now~ :slight_smile:


We have two winners! Congratulations to @DaveDave and @worm1 ! you each win a 50 dollar gift code! message us and we will get you that code to you :slight_smile:

To all who participated, thank you for generating some excellent holiday recipe ideas,
(choking on that Grinch right now lol. jk jk. )
and a new giveaway is coming up after New Years:)
until then, Mixwell folks!


Congratulations @DaveDave and @worm1! Don’t forget to pick up some FA Butter! :wink:


Congratulations @DaveDave & @worm1 :raised_hands:
Thank you @ecigexpress for the Great Giveaway :rocket: