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sadly we cannot send these samples internationally :frowning: apologies and we will change the description to clarify as well.


Yes please, still havent tried any JF stuffs.

ECX Giveaway - Two $40 Giftcards (Ended)

I’m a fan of the ones I’ve had so far


You guys rock, sorry I got excited and didn’t respond to the post just the thread! :joy:


Yes please! I would love to try it!


Yep… please and thank you. I’m on my phone and can’t freakin see


I would love to give Strawberry Harvest a Whirl


Sure would like to try it out the Strawberry Harvest!


ahhhh man im always late but ty anyway


wait i think i made it yes please ty


Hmmm. I am not sure if I am number 10. But I am number one in my mind. Lol.


Ok We’ll call it here just to be safe lol. messaging everyone now, orders will go out tomorrow ~
Thank you all for your interests and feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Late to the party! But congrats to those who got in, and thanks ECX! Very nice of you!


No problem! lots of cool stuff coming up!


Horay I made the cut. Woohoo!!! Hmmm. Now I need to dream on my mixes.

I would how the percents compare to FA vs strawberry ripe tpa. I have a fav strawberry custard mix that I should try this in.


they couldnt leave out the NW peeps lol


Darn straight. It’s finally raining here which is good for all of our fires.


Both Northwest? This weather has been quite welcomed lol


yes chris lives in south western part of the state


Chris is NW as well? Wow, so cool. Washington State also? That’s 3 of us :smiley: