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Nice! wouldn’t it be neat to have a Mixers meet and greet?


Yup. Vancouver wa. Just across the bridge from Portland. And I used to work at the airport…hence the pdx.

Besides, when you say vancouver people are like…bc eh? How aboot them canucks. Lol


i believe @Amy2 is back in WA state as well and @Polargoat is moving here soon DIY taking over lol


Amy ran away across the country. Lol. But she is welcome back any time.


did she leave again ?? i thought she just recently came back


Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone! :star_struck:

This weekend save 25% on Jungle Brand Flavors here at ecigexpress!

Try our new Strawberry Harvest!

Also we’ve added some more Items to our ON SALE section!
Use the code below for even deeper savings!


That’s it for now! New Items and New Giveaway next week!
We hope you have an excellent weekend, full of flavor and fun!


I’m here in WA lol I have been busy but I have been checking in when possible :wink:


Received my free Strawberry Harvest sample today…wow that got here to OH real quick! Smells awesome!! Any recommendations for percentages for a single flavor? I’ve never worked with Jungle Flavors before…


Got mine today too in PA @Wings4Life. Right off the smell this stuff is a banger! Gonna mix up my testers now. Appreciate the sample ECX!


Awesome!! What percentages are you testing at?


I usually do 3 testers at a time. With JF I typically do them in 1/2/3% testers to get a feel for them in these ranges since that’s where I’ll use them 99% of the time. If you’re only doing one I’d say go with 3%. It’s gonna be a nice full flavor and you can get a solid understand of it


Great I’ll start with a 3% then and go form there. Really appreciate the suggestions!!!


Got my sample today as well @ecigexpress! Super fast shipping and I love the way it smells, I will try to mix up a tester tonight after dinner.


UM who took over @Cutlass92 account ? thats a completely different person


I had no idea anyone was looking at my pic! Nice catch brother!


lol i noticed a different face and was like whos this ? looked over and it was someone i thought i knew lol


Both of the pictures are me just a different angle.


This is why you recognize me!

Name this actor.




Ed Harris…