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Buzz Lightyear!

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I just got home and found my package in the mail that had my sweet strawberry in it! Thanks @ecigexpress! This smells like a really awesome ripe strawberry flavor! I can’t wait to try it out!


Would love to use EcigExpress - I had an order in for over $70 (including shipping to Norway) only to find out that Bitcoin was the only way to pay :scream:

Had to cancel the order - oh well :cry: I really wanted the FE Lemon…


Just mixed up a sf tester of the strawberry harvest at 1.5% and it’s damn tasty, slight candy flavor I’m going to let it steep and see where it goes from here!


I was thinking of starting in the same area, 1-2%. Smells fantastic, if it tastes half as good as it smells it will be a keeper.


It is good, just has a slight candy flavor. Like the jelly filled strawberry candies that are wrapped like a strawberry if you have ever had those.


Horry sheet! Seriously? Those were one of my favorite hard candies, one i had long forgotten about. Now im definitely mixing it tonight and im ordering some of that candy.

I imagine the candy like part will fall off either with curing or mixing with other flavorings (custard) but i seriously hope not. Thanks for the input. :slight_smile:


grandmas candies!


Thank you Ken and @Cutlass92 for your notes on this flavor so far.

I have yet to test this flavor (all my SF Testing bottles are being used :sweat_smile:) but I did gather some information regarding the %'s on this new flavor from Jungle Flavors. This is in my notes section.

“Strawberry Harvest by Jungle Flavors is a versatile flavor that can best be described as a juicy and ripe strawberry.” - ECX

► Facebook Info: 9/25/2017 | Representative - Patti
"Recommended Usage: 1 - 2.5% Max | 3 - 3.5% SF (Standalone)

► New Website Launch: November 2017

Should I give it a go at 3% for SF Testing?


Yes!! My grandma always had a candy dish of those. I really need to mix mine… I’ve been dragging my feet getting my empty bottles washed. Today’s the day!! Probably… Lol


ugh i already mixed this with a honeydew and cream at 2.5 i wish i would have SF tested and now am hoping i didnt go to high , the honeydew is strong so it may work


You can I get flavor for days at 1.5%. But it’s new so I may be missing out mixing so low.


You can always dilute it by mixing a small batch of the honeydew alone and putting them together to bring the total strawberry harvest percent down.


ya i know ty though , im gonna run with it see how it goes , but i am doing SF test 2nite for sure