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Patti from Jungle flavors gave me this general guideline for this flavor in specific - however she also said, like many others to “Adjust to Taste” - so the %'s you used for the Strawberry Harvest combined with the Honeydew & Cream may work! Steep it out and see what comes of it. :+1:


Yep you nailed it with that description! Have a tester going @ 3% and that’s what I’m getting…


thanks! Waiting a week to make sure it will steep well is killing me, I want to put it in some recipes.


I went at 1.5% in single. I made two bottles, one for finger testing (eating) and another for vaping. After a couple days the candy part is hanging on, i got my fingers crossed that it stays.

Ive eaten half the bottle i made for finger testing, i hope them candies get here quick!


Lmao I’m just picturing you dripping onto your tongue… :laughing:


HAPPY FRIDAY! This weekend, save 20% on Inawera brand flavors at ecigexpress.com!
We also added a couple of items to our catalogue:
Custard by Inawera
Strawberry Harvest by Jungle Flavors
Express DIY: Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake
Have a great weekend and as always we hope that you VapeSafe and Mixwell!
Giveaways and new flavors next week btw~


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Don’t forget to enter our giveaway! winners will be chosen Friday!


Sorry for the delay on this. It took a friendly cattle prod reminder from a friend here to get me back on track. :wink:

@MysticRose @Lolly @VapeyMama @fidalgo_vapes @Severian @Bikerdude @Leilani

@Chrispdx If I recall correctly, you didn’t care for the twist FLV brought, and you’re of course welcome to omit it (I’d suggest pushing FW up between 1% to 1.5% though, if you do). But for me, the FLV brought in the missing bit. So YMMV.

Also worth noting, that I have yet to try DIYFS or Flavor Revolution, which are both reported to be very good.

I’ve also heard one person who’s absolutely in love with the 3x strength version here (it’s worth noting that the prominent “coffee and tea” heading has nothing to do with the actual flavor, treat it as their (NF) poorly done category layout:

So, I still have 3 I want to try before I consider my butterscotch hunt “officially over”. But for the year and a half of searching I’ve done through a crapload of BS flavors and vendors… What I keyed in as a base, has far and away been my favorite/best result thus far!

Hope y’all like it, and always interested in hearing your thoughts! :smile:


Fab! Thanks petal! Now to order some MF Butterscotch :grin::+1:


Awesome. Thanks for hunting down the butterscotch flavors that give you the best representation of that flavor. Also, thank you for your notes regarding the listing of the NF Butterscotch on their website. Later on this week I’ll be giving them a ring to get a better understanding of their “extracts” vs “concentrates”. The flavors I ordered … all have a strong Alkaline / Alchohol note that is not steeping out coming into week 3 of SF Testing.

P.S - Still gotta put in an order to ECIGX for some MF flavors! Arg.



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@ecigexpress will you be carrying larger bottles of RealFlavors (SC) say in 30mls or 60mls in the near future?


Will bring this to managements attention immediately. I’m fairly certain that we will begin implementing this starting with the top performing flavors.


Top performers? Which ones are those? I’m thinking about adding a few more but not sure


Our current top 5 are:
Strawberry SC
Blueberry Lemonade Slushee SC
Watermelon SC
Deep Fried Spongecake SC
Baklava SC


Wow. Very interesting! There’s only one that I expected to see on the list (strawberry).


they only have like 15 or so lol , just giving you guys shit lmao , i would think yumberry would be on that list btw stay tuned Creamed Str-yumberry recipe coming soon can you guess what the two fruit flaves are ???


Good Morning Everyone! Today is a Flash Sale on FlavourArt !


Juicy strawberry and other new flavors coming next week btw!
Have a great day and as always Vapesafe and Mixwell!


today only damn you ok , im heading home at lunch to see what i need , are you guys getting the NEW vanilla custard premium ??? please say yes so i dont buy from overseas and can you check on the croissant flave as well i think there would be some interest in that one thank you