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EcigExpress: Sales, Flavor News and more!


Live in norway and have placed orders at your shop before, but now it only allowes me to pay with bitcoins? I dont have that. Last order i payed with card.


Don’t Forget to check out our ON SALE! category at ecigexpress.com as we have added and reduced the prices of multiple items :slight_smile: Of course eligible for the BLACKFRIDAY25 code!

Happy Shopping!


Ripe Strawberry by TFA is back in stock! Black Friday may be over… BUT THE SAVINGS CONTINUE! :hugs::hugs:


Real flavors baked bread is a very true to form bread flavor, keep it super low to start like around 0.25% :ok_hand:t2:



Howdy Gang and Happy Monday…errr CYBER Monday!
Today is the last day of our big 25% STOREWIDE sale, and the Free Gifts as well!
So don’t miss your chance to stock up!

Other than that, it’s time to get a few Christmas recipes dialed here and we hope you are doing something fun for the holidays as well.

And last but not least.
Thanks for being such a great community ELR. We truly appreciate all of you.


hey where is your friday post ??? its part of my friday morning


They’re probably still backed up from last Friday!





Anyone else have issues with their black Friday order? I feel like I’ve been lied to a few times, finally get my order and it’s no where near complete. I really don’t like the lack of communication and unreliable order processing. This isn’t the first time.


Are you talking about ecx? Considering it’s there thread and they have nothing but solid for me.


Yes I am. I wish I had your luck I’ve only ordered from them 3 or 4 times and this is the 2nd one that’s incorrect. Talked with them through chat twice and was given very confusing and incorrect information.


ECX is awesome they are great , if they make a mistake its taken care of quickly without question


I’ve never had a problem with them either and have had good experiences with the dozens of orders I’ve placed. Perhaps someone was having a bad day at the office when you ordered. :confused: Maybe we can get @ecigexpress to help us out with this one.


I shot them a PM about an hour or so ago i just forgot to tell anyone in the thread that i did, derp!


Good Morning! and on it right now! thank you for the heads up everyone!


[lgatesca] We’re terribly sorry for the customer experience you have had.
I PM’d you to get more information and I assure you that we will get your order sorted out proper and immediately.
We will make it right.



Good Morning Mix Family! We made it to Friday! :grinning:
This weekend’s sale is on Flavors Express and Jungle Flavors, so if you haven’t tried them yet now is a great time to pick some up.
We brought back a couple of FE flavors by request:

Sweet Bread Crust
Goji Berry

We have a new Express DIY one shot : Caramel Pear Package which is a delicious Pear lightly drizzled with caramel flavor profile.

And of course we have Our Mixer’s Showcase One shots which are worth checking out even for our seasoned mixers.
One shots are great for checking out other mixers efforts and saving time for those lazy days.
Keep an eye on this section for some cool upcoming offerings. :slight_smile:

And if you like DIYorDIE One Shots be sure to check out his awesome line here!

Last but not least, we gearing up for Holiday giveaways and sales so stay tuned!
We sincerely hope you have a SAFE and awesome weekend.


Just wanted to stop in and post this recipe.
If you like Gingerbread and cinnamon rolls this recipe is great!


Also, If you mix this, the cinnamon settles and FLV custard fills out after a couple of days of steeping.



Good Morning and Happy Friday!
This weekend save 15% on Flavor West!
In addition to that, We have released a couple of new amazing One Shot Recipe Concentrates to our
DIY Mixer’s Showcase:

Banudding Cake by Lars of ELR:
The primary taste of Banudding Cake is fruity fried plantain bananas with a hint of creamy smooth pudding, so even though the name sounds a bit misleading, the cake-part comes becomes more prominent as it steeps.
It’s a delicious banana treat!
Vape it after a day, or let it steep to develop delicious nuances!
You can add a little caramel or butterscotch to it, if you want to shake it up a bit.
A 30ml bottle of this One shot can produce 240 ml of finished liquid when using the recommmended percentage.
Recommended Percentage: 12.5
Steep Time: Shake and Vape or 3-7 days


Longing by ID10-T:
A honeysuckle-infused homemade ice cream that will leave you desperate for more.
Recommended Percentage: 7.5
Steep Time: Shake and Vape
30mls of this concentrate makes approximately 400ml of liquid at the recommended percentage.

We hope you have an excellent weekend and whatever you do Vapesafe and MixWell!

P.S. Christmas giveaway next week!