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Howdy Mixers and Happy holidays!
Our Season of Savings event has begun!
DAY 1: Save 25% on Flavors Express!

Stay Tuned over the next few days for some awesome deals and be sure to enter our giveaway!
Have an excellent Holiday week!



Howdy Mixers! The countdown until Christmas is upon us!
Day 2 of our Season of Savings weeks is 25% off ALL BOTTLES!
This includes ANY type ANY QTY!

Also Don’t forget to enter our ELR giveaway:

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Other than that We hope your Stocking Stuffers are steeping by the fire with Care…
with a Vape and fresh batteries for if Santa comes there lol!



Day 3 in our Season of Savings!
Today is Additives!
Save 25% on all of our additives TODAY ONLY!

Also, Be on the lookout Our Season of Savings Giveaways here and at the top of our FB page

We hope your holiday week is full of flavor!


DAY 4: It’s Day 4 in our Seasons of Savings! Today is save 25% on ALL ONE SHOTS
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Have an excellent day!



Season of Savings DAY 5: This Weekend! Save 25% on Flavourart!

Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS from the ECX staff!


oh you dirty dogs lol jk , i have held off but this is one i cant leave alone



Good morning fellow mixers! Flash sale today and more sales coming up this week!
Also time to draw for that giveaway!


It’s New Year’s Weekend! Save 20% STOREWIDE

Also, for those who like RY4 Type recipes, check out our latest recipe:

Last but not least be sure to check out our DIY Mixer’s Showcase!

On behalf of the ECX team, we wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! :tada::balloon:
Please be safe this weekend during your celebrations.


Happy Friday everyone! This weekend save 20% on our popular brand Jungle Flavors!

Also check out our first recipe of the year Blueberry Custard!

Please have a SAFE and awesome weekend!


Good Morning fellow mixers :grinning:

Have a great Wednesday!



Good Morning fellow mixers and Happy Friday!
This Weekend! Save 15% on the popular brand Flavor West!
In Addition we have a new DIY Mixer’s Showcase One Shot:
Mango Sticky Rice !
Stay tuned for more new products and giveaways in the upcoming days!
Other than that, We hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Our Weekly recipe:


who is syndo?


We’ve been hearing a lot about that Mango Sticky Rice from Shyndo. Going to have to check that out ASAP. :raised_hands:


Shyndo is the DIY mixer that came up with the recipe, Mango Sticky rice :slight_smile:


@LiquidBarn, It’s quite delicious if you are a fan of the dish or Mangos in general :hugs:


It was obvious he came up with the recipe but ive never heard of him, for yall to pick, what platform did he come from?


All The Flavors


…bruh… reading the DOD review of this by the owner of the site himself. "Accuracy:

Unfortunately, this is the only lacking aspect of the vape. While the recipe tastes wonderful and the flavor is delicious, it doesn’t quite scream to me Mango Sticky Rice."

Said rice wasn’t in the equation, either these mixers reputation was on the line, or someone was paid enough not to throw a poor decision recipe in the trash and be honest with the mixer.

Had it happen several times where "Hey, can you try this, I was going for flavor a, b and c
person vapes it
I don’t taste a or b, and I taste c barely.
false enthusiasm kills recipes and communities because errors don’t get corrected



Good Morning fellow mixers!
We are testing out some 30ml bottles and would love your help!
To the first ten people that respond to this post, we will ship you a 30ml of our Strawberry Sweet by Jungle flavors.

All we ask in return is that you try the bottle out and then message us your feedback in regards to the bottle.
If this sounds interesting to you, post below and we will contact you via message to get your shipping information.
(This is exclusive to the lower 48 states.)

Thank you for your time :slight_smile: