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EcigExpress: Sales, Flavor News and more!


Very kind of you… Check your PM when you get time please. :wink:


Happy 4th everybody!


What a heck of a sale and a holiday everyone! Thank you for participating! Now it’s time to dial in a good cheesecake recipe with those new FlavourArt flavors :slight_smile:
Has anyone tried the new flavors that would like to share any insight in regards to the how these flavors are stacking up to their counterparts of different brands?


I wish I knew. I was soooo very tempted to submit an order but am placed on a spending freeze. Lol. :snowman:


Happy Friday Mix Family!


Also here’s our first crack at mixing with the new FlavourArt flavors!

As always, have a safe and excellent weekend! Happy Mixing!

Vape Mail 2018


Happy Friday Vape Family!
This weekend’s sale is on FlavourArt!
Save 30% on this popular brand and be sure to check out their latest flavors!
New York Cheesecake
Bavarian Cream
Vanilla Gelato
Dragon Fruit
Graham Crust
Glazed Chocolate Doughnut

:sunglasses:Have an excellent weekend and Happy Mixing!



Good Morning Mix Family! We are having a flash sale on unflavored nicotine bases today!
Have a great day and as always Happy Mixing!



Good Morning and happy Friday mix family! This weekend’s sale is on Signature (TFA)

Have an excellent weekend!