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Good Morning @Mix_and_Hope, we buy our nicotine from a US distributor.


I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but, a Distributor in the US, could in fact carry NO products manufactured in the United States. What info I’ve found on Liquid Ice Nicotine, says nothing about being produced in the US.


Not at all Pap, We carry Liquid Ice, which is from a US distributor but does originate in China. We carry this brand because our customers like it more than other nicotine brands on the market.

We have sampled and tested nicotine from around the world, and after receiving feedback from thousands of customers, we decided that Liquid Ice offers the consistency, high level of quality, and smoothness that our customers want.

If the demand, however, changes, we are more than happy to offer various types of nicotine in our product catalog. Please let us know what brands you recommend so that we can compare samples to Liquid Ice.

We’re eager for input on this, and we look forward to your feedback!



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Have a great weekend! It officially autumn soon, what are you mixing for the season?


That’s what I meant to ask, was the liquid Ice Nicotine produced and manufactured in the United States. I have not researched China’s regulatory standards of practice in growing tobacco, but last I did check, China does not have the restrictions, practices, that USA tobacco farmers, producers, have.
But China probably has bought the tobacco farms, plants, processors here in USA. Just like they bought the Pork and Poultry farms, processors in USA.


Now I’m not saying go buy Chinese nicotine, but the places most of us shop at for nicotine, without naming the vendor, is not US based nicotine either.

It’s china, poland, Switzerland and india. Is one country better equipped to source tobacco plants? Who knows but definitely worth looking into if US based nicotine is preferred.

Thanks for clarifying your source tho, ecx :slight_smile:


Good Morning Flavor Family!
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Have a great day and Happy Mixing!

Also, has anyone heard of Cookie Butter?

If one was to put chocolate chips in a Cookie butter Flavor profile with chocolate would be preferred?


Which chocolate? Dark chocolate Mf of course.


still got a couple of bottles at the mixing station!


That’s not fair. If you don’t sell it you shouldn’t be able to mix with it. Lol.