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I was so curious about what a “wrong” flavor could be!! Lol


There’s a few that I wouldn’t use personally, but as we know taste is subjective lol :rofl:


That’s a tough call. If we’re talking about how often, rather than how much, probably FA Meringue.



10 char/


CAP NY CheeseCake


Nice to see in not the only one who went “uhhhhhhh, which way do I approach this…?” lol

My most used by volume would without question be FW Natural Butterscotch.

I’ll just leave it at that to keep it simple. Otherwise there’s at least 6-8 flavors I’d have to list as most used. Lol


The most. Hmmm. There is no good answer. Gotta pick one though. Strawberry shisha inw.


TPA honeydew (original )
Cap sweet guava
MF Vanilla

but if i could only pick one then id have to say

Fa CREAM WHIPPED ( whipped cream ) and im so thankful you guys carry it


do you guys realize how tough of a question this is lol


:rofl: sorry, I promise we were trying to keep it simple lol.


Yeah, if it were by volume the answer would probably be some flavor that I don’t actually use nearly as often as others, but use at higher percentages when I do.


lol we understand. We edited to reflect the choice is by volume or preference of taste. Apologies for the confusion:)


Thank you for the sale and the competition. Also for producing the FE Sweet Rice, it’s what I have been waiting for and making a huge difference in my Rice Pudding I have been chasing for a year now :slight_smile:

Most used flavor probably Shisha Vanilla?

Favorite…way too many to pick just one!


TFA RY4 Double


Inawera RY4 with 2.5%


Jungle flavors Biscuit :wink: or jungle flavors yellow cake


Tfa/tpa (Signature) Blueberry extra / Blueberry Wild
Love BB mixes.


Vanilla Custard V1 by Capella. Lorann’s Bavarian Creme is a VERY close second.




im curious which is your favorite