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Elegomall -- Give you surprise


Haven’t tried the crown 1 or 2 but i could give the crown 3 a go.
@Josephine_van_Rijn @Underanne @redscaddy22 @R113


I totally would :smiley:

@BoyHowdy @GPC2012 @CallMeTut @mikelej14 @fidalgo_vapes @Amy2 @MisterSinner


Love the rainbow colours.

@tbt127 @Uncaged @TheTinMan1, wanna have another go?


Never tried any of the Crown tanks. I would like to, though. This Crown 3 looks pretty nice.


I love the colorful one with the purple tip! Thanks for another giveaway!

@GPC2012 @BoyHowdy @modfogger


Would love to try one.I like the rainbow color too.:rainbow:
@Chrispdx @Pro_Vapes


Loving the black and red look…as always lol

@BoyHowdy @ozo @Anonymiss @robin


Love the multi-coloured version.
Thanks for giveaway!


i would try this , i still use the original everyday


ohhh i like.


Let’s hope they have got this one right? and return to a successful working tank. With decent coils, that produce vape and flavour like the original Uwell Crown. As the last few models have been a little disappointing.


I really like the look of this one! I have not had a crown tank yet, but I really like the rainbow one!

@Volition @Ajinkya @DrChud


I really like the included colored drip tip.
It makes for a sharp looking tank!


Haven’t tried the crown 1 or 2 but I would love to try crown 3, love all the colors.

Thanks for the Giveaway.


Have never tried the crown, always use my smok. Would love to try the crown. Maybe I’ll find a new tank.


Oh yeah. A crown III. I loved the original crown and would like see what the III has to offer. @Amy2


Uwell Crown 3 real thing…

Revealed aristocratic temperament.

Crown 3 tank :point_right: https://goo.gl/LPKqen :hatching_chick: 16.5$

Crown 3 have Plug-pull coil,easy to replace.

Crown 3 coil :point_right: https://goo.gl/myUaj3 :hatching_chick: 7.7$


Comics – About Uwell Crown3 Tank
Please like this post if you like the comics… :sunglasses:
Crown3 tank details: https://goo.gl/LPKqen


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That Crown III is a beauty…love the rainbow one. Coils look the same as the is it D1? Wonder if they will be cross compatible.