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Elegomall -- Give you surprise


Great Design ! Yes, i would like to try it :smiley: Thanks for the chance


Smok G-priv 220W Mod :heavy_plus_sign: Uwell #Crown3 Tank = Perfect :sunglasses:


Thank you for all friends support ^ ^
Congratulations to @woftam
Please send your delivery address to Daisy_xiao@elegotech.com.cn
Have a lovely day~~
Gift link: https://www.elegomall.com/uwell-crown-3-tank.html


So awesome Daisy Thank you so much & thanks to Elegomall for the comp - Can’t wait to try it out

Edit : Email sent


Congrats buddy.


Congrats @woftam, bro you are on a winning streak man, third win in a week or so you lucky bastard :laughing:


Congrats! :tada:


Congrats Soft on…damn autocorrect. Congrats Woftam


Yay and Whoop! :+1::smiley:


Congrats @woftam :tada:


congrats @woftam :smiley:


Eleaf Aspire Smok, which brand atomizer is your favorite?
ElegoMall.com atomizer’s flash sale time :triumph:
https://goo.gl/opuAit (Start 4 hours later)


5th Anniversary Celebration
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Are you ready? :clap:


FREE! FREE! FREE! :information_desk_person:

The 8 products are all FREE to try, 2 sets for each products, total 16 sets.

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:tada: :tada: Discount for each order…
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Congratulations @woftam


Vandyvape Kylin RTA

Single & dual option. Could not resist this beauty :heart_eyes:

More: https://goo.gl/o0TGdq


5th Anniversary Celebration

Crazy order discount is coming soon…

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Vandyvape Single Coil Show
Single and dual coil, which one do you prefer?
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5 Anniversay Celebration, more discount & Free trail

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