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Wismec Reuleaux RXmini Starter Kit.
This man and this product, who do you want to see?


@Daisy3 Just thought I would drop you a line and say thanks - I ordered a fair few bits and bobs from you on your black friday sale - Super impressed that 1 package arrived yesterday and 1 today - has to be a record shipping to Australia in 4 business days. Thanks a bunch. Now if you could just promote my status to VIP that would be great :laughing::laughing:


Wow, 4 business days? That’s great. :blush::blush:
About to apply for VIP need to satisfy some conditions. You can contact your sales representative or our online customer service, let them help you look at whether meet the conditions. :+1:


Ya I need a few more points for vip was just having a joke ::laughing:


:joy::joy: OK, we will have activities in December. Hope this month you can upgrade to VIP~~ :sunglasses:


Newest product Tarot Nano 80W from #Vaporesso.
Do you still think red is the most good-looking?
More: https://www.elegomall.com/vaporesso-tarot-nano-80w-tc-kit.html


Vaporesso Nebula 100W Mod, is a powerful and easy to use TC Box MOD.
Do you like small size mod? uh… Or big size mod?
Pre-order now: https://www.elegomall.com/vaporesso-nebula-100w-tc-box-mod.html


Avocado 24 RDTA from GeekVape, bigger capacity in 5ml.
How much capacity of the atomizer do you like?
Instock now: https://www.elegomall.com/geeekvape-avocado-24-rdta.html


Newest Joyetech​ OCULAR C Touchscreen 150W TC Mod
Can be used to listen to music of the #Mod, do you love it?
Details: https://youtu.be/967cLQmH-hs


Joyetech OCULAR C Touchscreen 150W TC Box
Guess the price… how much?


400$ OFF for order over 3,000$
250$ OFF for order over 2,000$
100$ OFF for order over 1,000$
30$ OFF for order over 500$
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Time: Dec.13~Dec.18
Have a top-selling product, let you surprised the lowest price every day!!!
Take an hour to snap up
Which products are you most looking forward to the lowest price?
Stay tuned: www.elegomall.com


3% OFF for ALL ORDERS. Based on Wholesale Pricing.
Coupon code is: :tada: EMFKPN
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Super flash sale, start in UTC-5 8:00-9:00 am
Count down—2 hours
Are you ready?


IJoy Cigpet Volca Starter Kit Black, $9.9.
Only :boom: 84 items left.
Start in 45 min :tada: ~


Will you close your eyes when you vaping? :relaxed:

Close eyes = Enjoy. Do you agree with me? :heart_eyes:

This is our newest product–KhreeZ kit, completely fit your pocket and direct lung inhale.

More details: https://www.elegomall.com/blog/Khree-Z-EM/


A new member of Wismec RX Family is coming–RX300
RX300 designed by JayBo, support 4 replaceable 18650 batteries.
4 18650 batteries!!! Oh my gosh, it will produce huge vapor~
From the picture, you can see what function of RX300?
Book now: https://www.elegomall.com/wismec-reuleaux-rx300-tc-box-mod.html


Do you know Joyetech? Big brand of ecigs, isn’t it?
Now, Elegomall all Joye products enjoy Wholesale VIP Price.
Enjoy your Christmas crazy season… :sunglasses:
Crazy now: https://www.elegomall.com/christmas-joyetech


Bomb, :point_right: Smok GX350 is coming. 4*18650 batteries.
Wismec RX300 :hugging: Smok GX350
:skull_crossbones: RX300: Powerful softwarel
:skull_crossbones: GX350: Smaller and thinner
Tell me, which one do you prefer?


See the price in this picture?
Yeah, smok #Alien only $39.99
Dec.19, stay tuned…
Are you ready?