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ELR automatically deletes flavors?


Go to main list of recipes. Click the one @JoJo just made then click the small heart in top right corner this will put her recipe in your favorites and you’ll always have a copy of it.


Click this link http://tjek.nu/r/5B4L
Is it right? @munchkin


your link is just fine, saved to my page, but what happens when I go to adapt the flavors?, 2 are weak, 2 are strong; this resolves my problem for the moment, but will I have to do this procedure for every recipe that I enter in ELR


That’s above my pay grade.
Sucks it’s happening.
Just wanted to make sure you didn’t lose your prized recipe. I hate it when that happens.

I’m still blurry on why it’s not working for you.


why can every body else enter their recipes one after another with no problems & I can’t?


Did you clear your caches


Because we’re all mad at you for leaving the great USA!! Come back home and we’ll fix it for ya.:heart_eyes::grin::innocent:


ahhh, I get it!!! :grin: just cleared my cache and tried adding the missing flavors with some dosage adptions, program saves with only 2 flavors automatically adapted to result with 100%


Did you use dot or comma? It should be dots, as in 0.5 - I’m pretty sure it should change the comma to a dot by itself…


I used comma


@daath, I believe that was the trick, just made a small dosage change using the DOT instead of COMMA, yahoooooo, my wishes have been served, thank you all for your assisstance,
Vape On!!!


Hey munchkin could you elaborate on your mix ? These flavors all sounds so exotic and sophisticated ! Who makes them ?

Thanks !


So much for my thought that the flying monkeys took those flavors…


Well, I’ll give it a try, these are all flavors from aroma-shopping.de (Elli’s Aromen Welt in Facebook), a private Company here in Germany that has a larger selection of food additive flavorings adapted for vaping, as the owner & most of workers vape; this is a recipe that was made up from a customer, perfected to Clone a very big seller Liquid from Twisted Vaping called ‘Calipter Cow’, somewhat like a ‘Snickers’ bar to Vape. Would probably work just as well with other Brands of flavors. Ingredients: Cotton Candy 1%, PannaCotta 1%, Peanut 0,5% (o. Peanutbutter), Vanilla 0,5% (o. Vanilla Pudding - o. Custard); would most likely have to adapt to taste; have fun.


Nice ! Thank you they sure do sound good, I have never heard nor tried the original but I would like it I’m sure as long as it was high vg.


from my research, ‘Mom & Pop’ created the Original called “Butterfly Bait”, they came up with an Updated version called “Calipitter Chow”, the ingredients were figured out from a German Aroma Co. (‘Twisted Vaping’), they came out with “Caliptter Cow”, which was then cloned from ‘Smoking Bull’ as “Kiezbrühe”, which has been cloned from ‘Elli’s’ as “Kanalbrühe” (Engl. ‘Channel Water’…); in other words, a clone from the original, to a clone, to a clone, to a clone, etc.


to adapt this for a higher VG Base, I would recommend increasing all dosages 0.5 - 1.0%


Sorry to hijack this thread, but I can’t find the original, @daath and I were talking about my recipes losing flavors.

Someone comment on this recipe today and I just realized it’s missing some flavors?? Papaya being one of them (hence the name). I could totally care less about the recipe, since I will never make it again, just putting it out there.


You must have saved it (again?), back when the bug existed - At some point there was a bug that caused a recipe to sometimes only be partially saved (losing flavorings)? That bug I fixed with the help of you, remember? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I totally remember that. This recipe was from our EF testing era and I never did anything with it since. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know who’s recipe I was getting comment notified on, when I saw it in my email, haha. I’m not complaining or upset, I just thought it odd that it’s lost flavors, since the one and only time I created/saved it.

I’m not sure what happened and for all I know, I could of accidentally opened and edited in my pocket, on my phone, like it seems to do with FB pictures at least once a week :laughing:

As I said, I’m not bothered and plan on deleting the entire thing anyways. Thy master gate keeper would know best, that’s why I put it out there :wink:

Thanks Lars, hope you’re doing good!