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[ENDED]---Smokstore Halloween Giveaway—The Awesome Smok Wooden TC Box Mod


Such a nice looking MOD, I love my Alien 220


1 my favorite is https://www.smokstore.com/Smok-Treebox-Plus-220W-TC-Box-Mod


2 @Laberythm @Eddiepraysforpeace @delltrapp


3 Thank you Smokstore for the chance :+1:


check this epipe maker out, he makes the best. IMO


Post #1

  1. My cup of tea :heart_eyes: https://www.smokstore.com/Smok-Treebox-TC-Mod :heart_eyes:


1 https://www.smokstore.com/Mag-Kit-225W-By-Smok-Right-Hand-Version




Comment below which is the best smok wooden mod, the most wanted we will add to new giveaway.


The Treebox 75w is what I need for my collection.
I have enough 200+ power mods and I really like the Brazilian zebrawood.

What what I like to see in your next giveaway, the Guardian II with a nautilus tank (not mini). That would be perfect for me to have at home to help introduce others to vaping, and for me to take out for an eying on the town.

I Also like the non-wood Sub Beast pipe and the Guardian III. The whole concept of a pipe is romantic for me. I can still smell the oranges in Grandpa’s pipe tobacco and have 2 of his in my china cabinet as memento’s.

@Dan_the_Man @PorsheGT @budvbud @masrock


1 https://www.smokstore.com/Smoant-Naboo-225W-TC-Box-Mod-Kit


2 - @Laberythm @Eddiepraysforpeace @delltrapp



2 @masrock @JackSun @gh1


thks for the contest @smokstore


Congrats @worm1


Congratulations @worm1 :tada:


Gratz @worm1

I guess one of the least likely winners won :slight_smile:


Enjoy your new pipe @worm1, congrats