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[Ended]Win SMOK X-PRIV Kit with TFV12 Prince [giveaway] - ends 3/18


Post #2

I like this X-PRIV for all the reasons I stated above, but I also like the G-PRIV because I like touchscreen mods.


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I have 2 Smok Alien 220w kits, a Smok Procolor kit, a Smok Big Baby Beast, a Smok TF-RTA, and a TFV4. I use both Aliens daily, the Procolor has been taken over by my husband (when he vapes), the TF-RTA likes to leak around the AFC ring so I don’t really use it anymore, the Big Baby Beast is used almost daily, and the TFV4 still occasionally gets some love!


I don’t know, I have not used it.


I like the H priv. have always wanted one


stick prince because I wanted a sub ohm tank and lots of people were diggin on the prince and when I checked the prices, it was only a few more dolla to get the whole thing


I don’t. I have the X-Cube but it’s been a pain and therefore out of commission.


Yes I like it alot!


Probably the x priv


Don’t have a Smok kit but still use an xcube2 with tfv8 on occasion!


I have 2 aliens. Dont use them even though they work great and are like new! But i did recently buy a tfv 8, which i love!


Yes, the kit looks awesome :heart_eyes:


That would be X-PRIV


Dont have any Smok product.


Yes, the big colour screen is definitely a pro.


Most definitely the X-PRIV.


I have never used any Smok products.


Yes, it looks nice and sleek.


I like the look of the X-priv right now.


I’ve burned through 2 Alien mods. And don’t have a Smok mod now. But I do still use my TFV8 all the time.


Post #2
I actually like the x-priv!