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Ethical or not? Selling e-liquid-recipe recipes!


Right on. I’m just not getting why your first comment here right after joining the community would be on a 2yr old thread and you say that it is somehow immoral and a waste of time. OP thought someone was being sneaky making profit off of recipes here. Was informed that its actually cool, and everything was ok. End of thread. You came off like a jerk. Which you’re free to do.


I don’t think there’s an ethical problem with selling recipe packs. I bought a few of his packs when I started mixing.

What does annoy me is that the packs do not stay true to the recipes and he’ll substitute one brand for another. Notice that most of the recipe packs do not state which brands are included.


so how come you’re not reading about the other stores, I wonder ?

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i’m sure you’ll find equally unhelpful comments about all the other stores if you look for.'em , as well as shedloads of helpful comments . but all you’ve even troubled to read on this site is this one ancient thread .

nah, don’t bother to answer. I too have an opinion which i’m entitled to state, but i think that the stats speak for themselves .


Yes cause stats you’ve looked up on my profile should be taken above all else!? Lol
I spent months reading topics on this forum without a login!
No need to answer cause u obviously think u are really intelligent! Lol
I bet u have 15000 Facebook friends too, does that mean u have more integrity than me? Lol


I really do not mean to be rude but,

why are you wasting time , resurrecting an old thread…


why are we wasting our time, troubling to talk to him about it , i wonder? :rofl:
ummm…well in my case , i suppose i find it amusing that he scored such a spectacular own goal, by drawing attention back to very thread that he’s grumbling about :rofl:


Dont feed the trolls


Hey ladies, stay nice to each other please
There’s no need for all this. Don’t like someone’s comment > ignore and go read something interesting.

@Vaper865677 @jay210 @tartarusspawn



I am glad we have a site that we can get ideas from and get excellent results.
Spreading awareness is cool but if you dont want to risk having a recipe snatched, make it private! poof problem gone :slight_smile:
I did get a good laugh from the derail !!!


I find it interesting that anytime some don’t agree with a comment, they automatically label the author a troll.
Very narrow minded.
Also equally interesting is the mob mentality, I have no doubt u are all intelligent ppl but for some reason mob mentality takes over. Human nature I guess.
As for the ppl accusing me of wasting time resurrecting an old thread, well aren’t u wasting time commenting here as well? Hypocrisy at its finest.


I dont find “trolls” annoying…
It is a weird way to introduce yourself to a community…usually people go about it differently…but welcome to ELR!
Hope your vaping journey is a good one!


Man, I do. I hate stopping and digging out coins or paying a monthly fee for an e-pass. I don’t hate them as much as this guy, though.

Oh, TROLLS! Sorry, misread that.


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@anon45050679 funniest thing I’ve read for a while. Thanks for brightening my day.