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Flavor Companies at a Glance



:stuck_out_tongue: Nice write up!


The Express line is one-of-a-kind & made specifically for us.


Really? I thought they were very similar in taste to SC (super concentrates) flavors and VaperZone's, that were also made in China.
That's why I asked because there's no info on the flavor companies themselves.

Thanks Donovan


Me thinks....:thinking:


Or where ever these guys get their flavorings.....


Great review write up Darth!
Very concise and to the point without over complicating things.


.....or these guys? :thinking:



Do those guys sell flavorings too or just juice? Never heard of them


Ya know.....I don't know. But, the names of the flavors, especially the tobaccos, are exactly the same as some of the "house brand" names of a few vendors here in the USA. :thinking: Makes me a bit curious whether or not they are the original manufacturers of the flavors.


Awesome info thank you! :clap:


A little late on the reply, but thanks! I’m sure with the way the vaping world evolves, it’s all a bit mute now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@DarthVapor Never too late to reply on the archives. I enjoy reading through them as it helps me to learn and gain knowledge in the art of making and hopefully soon, creating e-juices. Thank you for the write up. A valuable resource for us newbies.


Excellent, Excellent breakdown of these flavor companies! DIY and all the various flavors can be very confusing to those just starting out. A great, concise guide. Thank-You.


Awesome, just started getting into making my own juice. Was wondering what the pros and cons of the companies are. Who makes better fruits and custards. Great help, thanks a bunch


I look at price and shipping charges when I buy and only buy from suppliers and not the manufacturer.
Who makes the best? Might want to look at the flavor list and view ratings and number of recipes. I rely on these statistics.
Might want to bookmark this site:


Definitely bookmarking this post! Great write up.


Thanks! I need to get around to updating it though. Since the original post, Flavorah released 10 gazillion new flavors, so part of this write-up is irrelevant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: