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Flavorah by the foot


i think its called morning mimosa but it has aorang boozy tatse its actually not bad , i tried to add some starwberry i have recipe called pink lady ill find and pm you its private bc its meh


i have everything except elderflower , will put on my FLV list ty


and it looks like you got their older bottles ??? thats a good thing


Too COOL. Congrats~! Flavorah is getting a lot of attention on ELR. They are making Vape-positive Marketing decisions and products …smart. You can get a quick feel for Cinnamon Crunch with just:

Cinnamon Crunch (Flavorah) 4.50%
Cream (Flavorah) 3.00%

a great base with tons of adaptations …mixes great with RY4 recipes


@Chrispdx These utility inserts store and caddy a lot more flavors than it looks, 2 per row. Easy to put on a shelf in the fridge also. I love them for mixing supply trays. Bring it out and hide it away when done.

Im glad someone here won everything, I saw it and didn’t enter.


do you have a link to these ??ive been wanting to use something else since i now have an entire room i am dedicating to vape related things


@fidalgo_vapes A few ppl have them (Utensil Organizer) Home Depot, Ikea, Bed Bath n Beyond, Target. Shop around see which kind you like or which will fit best for you. Some of that easy cut rubber mesh roll is great so the bottles dont slip on the wood. or if you want to lay 1 bottle per row angled so you can see the name easier helps. It’s slippery with out it, it’s a must if you use wood ones. :wink:

@fidalgo_vapes Edit: If you put 1 bottle per row so you can read the names easy. And put legs on the back (or prop up the back end) so the back is higher. It’s like having a super compact nail polish stand for flavors. Im liking it a lot. You can take them anywhere in the house or outside so your not stuck in 1 room and then back into a drawer or on your desk.


Yes they are @bodarc.


Wow :hushed:
Congratulations @Chrispdx :trophy:
That’s a HUGE Prize package :package:


That’s a very nice collection, looking forward to some flavor notes :grin:

Flavor giveaways seem a lot more appropriate on this forum than all the hardware that keep coming. Missed opportunities for a lot of lesser known/used brands.


I’ve never been a good flavor note taker or do single flavor testing. I typically get way lost and focus on the negative of what a flavor is missing. Which leads to blending with a cream, a mallow, or other odd flavor like hypnotic mist from fa (for mint recpies).

But I will for sure provide feedback on mixes and other notes on slight side by side adaptations.

Next step is to find another flavor container. Lol


Those work great! I saw them at my local dollar store and bought the last five they had. I keep meaning to buy small little hinges so they open up like a book.


Whooowheee! You hit the motherlode with that win. Conga-rats!


Congrats man!
What an awesome prize!
I love flavorah!
Have fun mixing!




@Chrispdx Stop fighting it, join the party …



Oh Darn why didn’t you post this before I make my Amazon order yesterday!


Get ready for chaos !!!


Posted both these a long time ago, … sorry.