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Freemax Fireluke Mesh review by Mjag. Will it finally be what gets mesh popular?


Oh man @woftam, I still have nightmares of the massive dry hit I got with the Ceto mesh RDA…oh the horror :zipper_mouth_face: :rofl:

Thank you @fidalgo_vapes, there is a lot to like about the Fireluke mesh, I think you will enjoy it.

Thank you @Jenny1978 and I love hearing your experience with it. I think you will agree it is a tank that a DIYer would want to have in there arsenal for trying out there mixes.


Yes, I definitely agree!


I agree. Great flavor. And it chugs juice. We all concur on that. One point I would add is it performs well when changing flavors as well, beneficial for diy’ers. A couple hits and the old flavor is gone and new one is shining through. Guess that mesh really heats the cotton evenly and burns any juice out… exactly why we’re experiencing the juice chugging.


I agree, switching flavors is awesome with this tank. When I took apart the coil it wasn’t packed with cotton either, I would have taken a pic of that but I didn’t get it out without mangling it too much. They picked the right amount of cotton so that it wicks like a champs but doesn’t leak a drop, kudos to Freemax.


Thank you for all the info. I am definitely intrigued by this one. I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon as soon as the newness wears off enough for prices to drop :slight_smile:


i do the same thing lol


Would love to hear how you like it when you do get one. I hear ya though, I do the same thing, we are not cheap, just wise :wink:

I see Breazy has it for $24.99, use coupon code VAPECRAWLER for 10% off that, not too shabby but expect some Chinese New Year sales soon.


How does this vape in the mid wattage range, 35-55w

Does it need the higher wattage to have good flavor and ok clouds?


I liked it a little higher personally but at 45 to 55 watts it is still a nice cool vape, flavor…yeah, it’s good and the clouds are decent.