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Fruit flavor suggestions


You’ve given me some ideas, I’ll let them stew a bit and maybe give them a try. Thank you.


Hey! Just started doing some diy and have been on this site for a few weeks now, it’s awesome, noticed a lot of people love strawberry based liquids, but, it’s not my thing. I like fruit and custards. Banana is my favourite.

I have a recipe I made and I think it’s pretty damn tasty, nice and fruity:

I also have a banana cream one I made which is on my adv list along with that recipe. All my flavours at the moment are tfa. Well most of them. I do have some Capella, but for the now I’m using tfa, I’ll get there eventually when I up my stash list.


np i hope it works out for you i love the break from strawberry lol and other fruits i guess thats why i like honeydew tpa and the sweet guava lol


I use a lot of flavorah fruit flavors. They have all been good. The best part is the recipes do not require a large percentage of flavor as flavorah flavors are extremely concentrated. Plus, they have a large selection to meet a majority of people’s taste bud pleasures.


Try some Cucumber with your fruit, it really changes the taste. See my recipe for a Cucumber Pear Mohito…