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Fruity peebles


hi guys i am new to mixing i want to build a fruity peebles flavour as the ones ive tasted are not authentic and ive tryed alot of them hopfully someone can help me out


Have you tried this? Its one of my favorites


Just when I think my wish list is just about full…


heres one ive enjoyed lately i have not made public yet

and try @Alisa loopy v2 it is very good


Real Flavors has a Fruit Pebbles (RF SC) flavor I just got and single flavor mixed @ 3% but it’s only a few day old at this point so I can’t give you much of a recommendation yet. Smells on point but it’s a bit sharp still to the taste.


@fidalgo_vapes I totally MISSED this one, thanks for the heads up, and thanks to @Alisa for sharing this


Is fruity related to mario or melvin van peebles?



I really dig this one


Many thanks for the recipe sound really nice you’ve been a great help


Many thanks sounds great great help


Love the sound of this thank you for your help


Peebles bro


NP hope this helps you it does taste good right off the mixer but 2 weeks its 4 stars imo i havent made it to a month yet but do have some steeping that i wont touch


Hi the last item says fw cream what the percentage as it just says with want to make your recipe spot on it sounds amazing


click on the recipe and it will show you all percentages and notes etc if you talking about the loopy cereal v2 by alisa it is amazing i have been vaping that for a couple years and always have it available


@fidalgo_vapes What do you think about a OOO Cream Milky Undertones sub for FW Cream 1:1 ??


I hit TheRealBarneyRubble, better than what Bulldog Vapor makes tbh.


ive subbed some things in alisas recipe and noticed the difference , especially the FLV cream that cannot be subbed imo do you have Cap sweet cream ?


Yeah I have but I want to follow you recipe to the t sounds lovely


@fidalgo_vapes Yes…