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Fruity peebles


thats what i would use instead


@fidalgo_vapes @SessionDrummer Thanks for suggesting the alisa fruity v2. I just made some a few days ago. It’s tasty but there’s a sharp kinda funky lemon note on the end that I’m sure will subside once the mandatory 2 week steep is up. Letting things steep isn’t as hard as it used to be since I have so many juices in the cupboard but it’s never easy, heh.


Oh YES @netweight I don’t know how (and I’ve TRIED to figure it out), but that one CAN be a funky monkey when fresh mixed, but after 2 weeks, just like she mentioned it really comes together. What makes hers soo good, is after it steeps at least 2 weeks (bigger bottles maybe longer) it comes together, and has a boat load of cereal graininess that soo many others are missing, AND, she didn’t even touch TPA Fruit Circles, which can turn anything into a Lemon Pledge event. Shake, steep, wait, and let us know. I know I was surprised when I compared fresh mixed vs. steeped.


I think that’s just because people are using waaay too much of it in their recipes. A lot of recipes use it at 5% and then it gets really perfumy and a little off-putting, especially if you don’t let it steep for 2 or more weeks. Fruit circles is a fairly strong flavor IMO and can easily be used around 3% or maybe even less. Using more gives a chemical nature to it with plenty off notes. That’s also why I’m taking a break from it… too recent memories of flavor overload and not the muting kind.


Fair enough @Suomynona. I had been on a Looper quest, and mixed up probably 5-10 different ones, most of which used Fruit Circles, some higher, some lower, but it seemed like if you wanted something looper, that was what you had to do. When I first saw @Alisa’s v.2. it intrigued me, but more for just the missing FC’s, but a heavier BC and AP than I would have expected. I thought surely she knows what she’s doing, but I wasn’t sure. I was AFTER I vaped it LOL.

Point well made…


ive never been able to make this flavor work like the FW the lemon is off putting at any percent for me anyway , the FW fruity pebbles isnt horrible either and if the Cap SL fruit rings wasnt so weak it would probably be tops as far as fruity cereal types go , the only thing worse than TPW fruit circle is their FC with milk lol


@SessionDrummer hey man, just wanted to let ya know that weird lemon funk i was getting from alisas Loopy v2 was gone at 10 days. Since then, its gotten better and better, the grain shining. Almost done with a 120ml already, gotta make more! I wanted to thank you for mentioning this recipe again and @Alisa for sharing it. I think, right now, its my favorite cereal vape.


@netweight Can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that. I can’t stress strongly enough how I felt RIGHT after I fresh mixed it. I smelled it, as was like “Wait a minute, … what ??”. I re-read her comments stating the steep time, put it to rest thinking all the while, “I don’t know about this one …”. After HER mentioned steep time, I couldn’t believe it. It still surprises me to this day, how damned good it is, and not really how much is CHANGED over the steep, but how well it came TOGETHER over the steep.

Glad you like it, and hope others try it too, she deserves it.